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Should I be concerned about eye floaters?

Asked by feelinlame (11points) February 6th, 2011

I’ve had eye floaters for about a year now and they haven’t caused any problem. They are brown and have always been brown. I know this is not the normal color for them and was concerned. Any help on whether or not i should get them checked out would be appreciated. Thank you.

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No, they’re just there. Nothing to worry about so long as they aren’t causing any issues.

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You should have your eyes checked. Floaters can indicate a serious problem. Not a bad idea to have your eyes checked every so often anyway.

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Floaters can be a sign of other problems. For example, diabetes causes changes in the vascular system which make floaters more frequent due to blood leaks. Generally floaters are not a problem unless there are a lot more than there used to be, in which case you should get it checked out.

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My eye doctor said I had a few and that if I got a flood of them to be seen immediately because it could be a sign of a detached retina.

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I’ve had them for over twenty years that I can recall, and when I have had eye exams from opthamologists I’ve been told not to worry. But… I don’t know anything about your floaters, and apparently neither does any opthamologist. So schedule an appointment and have your eyes checked.

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Thanks for all help :)

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