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Is there anything linking sleeping after breakfast to weight gain?

Asked by Resonance19 (4points) February 6th, 2011

a few days ago in the morning, i woke up at 6 like i normally do for school, ate breakfast, and then found that i was ill so i stayed home. I went straight to bed. I’ve been sort of ill and have had to energy, so i havent been exercising during the day. Is there any proof that this can cause weight gain? or is it different because it boosts your metabolism? I ask because i have done this several times and i like to do it because if i need to sleep in, i dont like eating brunch at 10–12 because then my eating schedule is all screwed up. What if i got up, ate, and then waited an hour or so before going back to bed? I’d like some professional advice/info/proof if anyone has any.

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No, only if you eat more than you exercise. The timing is not an issue.

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What @YARNLADY said. Sleeping doesn’t make you gain weight—actually sleep deprivation can, I think. Stresses the body out, and a stressed body can gain more.—You’d gain weight if you were replacing excercise with sleep and eating more than you usually do. But then it’s a matter of more calories in than out, not of sleeping.

(And when you’re sick, worry about getting better more than about gaining weight while getting better. If you gain anything at all it’ll be minimal and go away when you return to your daily routine.)

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Well, seems to me common sense would say that that yes, if you don’t do anything at all after eating you might gain a tiny bit of weight.

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While I agree that sleeping in itself does not make you gain weight whereas sleep deprivation can, I disagree that the timing does not matter. Yes it is important to get enough sleep, but I believe in order to gain weight you need to keep moving.. especially after you eat.

Thats why they say not to eat a late dinner because most people stop moving and that food just sits… you have to keep moving.

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Isn’t that how sumo wrestlers get fat? Practising sleeping right after eating?

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