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Where would you like to live...and work?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33007points) February 7th, 2011

Forget the “what if money were no object” crap.

Where would you like to live knowing you would still have to work once you got there?

Please, try to make it reasonable. For example, don’t expect to live in Hawaii as an aeronautical engineer. There’s little going on here apart from tourism, which pays diddly.

But there are great jobs in some great places.

Where would you like to live on our lovely planet and what would you like to do for a living there?

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India, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, somewhere in South America or the Caribbean, currently.

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London. And I’d like to be a full-time artist and photographer.

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@Judi imagine for some reason that Disneyland wasn’t an option, would you then go for Disney-world Florida or Disneyland Paris?

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Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden. It would have to be in Europe, because I am already a citizen of the EU so I would have no big problems getting all these different countries.
I see the above mentioned countries as the most well equipped and open for research in the field of medicine.

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@mammal; no, I like Southern CA weather.

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I’d be in big trouble if I said anywhere else! ;-)

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San Francisco or coastal Maine and I’d like to still be a librarian.

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I’d be in London working as a showrunner/TV series head writer. The UK has plenty of those, true, so I’ll have to make my mark in the US first.

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I would be right where I am. I am in the process of changing careers and am getting old but I want a change that way. I love it here in Utah and it is beautiful here with all the seasons. I used to want to live in Oregon near the coast but over time I have learned to love where I am.

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Owner of a vineyard in Tuscany
A surfing instructor in Australia
A ski instructor in the Alps
Owner operator of a B&B in a quaint area of the world.
(I am actually working on this one. I love to cook, host, entertain. Basil Fawlty like and all)

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I am going to live and have my studio/gallery on the Outer Banks of North Carolina someday.
Stop by and visit :)

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Davidson NC where I would own and operate the Cruiser Marina, bait store and coffee shop with a little art gallery attached and have open mic nights every Wed and Friday on the Front porch!

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If I were willing to leave all my friends in the world, I might go to Vancouver or San Francisco, but since I think friends and social capital are more important than any place, I would stay right here.

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As an ecologist, I’d love to live and work in New Zealand.

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Oh any exotic place with a fine beach will do me just fine. I’d happily ply my trade helping the beach babes with their bikini wax….it’s a living!

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I would love to own and run a tudor manor house in the South West of UK.
It would be a pleasure each and every day working in that environment.

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I would love to live in New Orleans and if I had to work, probably something in the legal field. Second choice would probably be with @lucillelucillelucille in the Outer Banks of NC as a suntan instructor. And yes, I know no such occupation exists but it should and I would be damn good at it!!

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A university in a place where it doesn’t snow (or at least doesn’t snow much) yet also doesn’t get above 85ºF in the summer. I’d prefer to get a decent autumn, but I might be willing to haggle on that one.

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Vermont or New Hampshire, particularly if I could work from home.

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A thriving restaurant in Tuscany, and a vineyard with some olive trees, big old house with land for gardens and family houses.

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I’m retired, but I would love to live in Ocean Beach, CA
I lived there about 35 years ago, and I still want to go back.

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Either in a city that’s clean and has air that doesn’t hurt me to breath, or way off in the wilderness. Either way, I’d want four definite seasons each year.

I’d be a dancer, and part-time writer and artist

In my spare time, I’d somehow fit in (not necessarily all at once):
I’d have an animal rescue
I’d study space and the oddities and ways of the universe
I’d help give the dinosaurs and past life more proper “skin” (watched a show called Dinomorphosis… all except the one the copied out of fossiled feather remains lost their dignity…)
I’d study the different theories and philosophies the different cultures had.
I’d find ways I could help people who were suffering.

: ]

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Somewhere that has low humidity so the winters wont pain me so. Everything else would take care of itself.

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I’ve always been attracted to logging in America or Canada, it’s the danger that appeals to me & just being outside in the elements & not stuck inside a factory all day…… I’d be willing to take a pay cut. :-/
I’d even live in a van…..... or a barn

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@YARNLADY It’s lovely to have our dreams. What’s stopping yours come true? For me it is the cost of such a building as well as the upkeep.

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@hawaii_jake this is a GQ. Well, I’d love to see Sweden, live there, work there, soak up the atmosphere. I do have a problem in that I don’t speak Swedish, but people learn languages, right? so if I could, I’d live in Sweden, and since I’m a clerk already, I’d work in my favourite shop….... Ikea obviously :-) Alas, tis a dream, so I’ll have to content myself watching the amazing Krister Henriksson’s fabulous Wallander stories.
huggles xx

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@partyparty My husband has a very good job and he won’t retire for another 5 or more years, so we will have to wait. Plus, both our current houses are minus equity, we own more than they are worth in the current market.
@bunnygrl—My son didn’t know one word of Swedish when he emigrated there 15 years ago. He is now a citizen, and still barely speaks the language.

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@YARNLADY really? after 15 years? I always thought that if you lived among a language, heard it around you all day long, it would sort of, well just appear in your head? like the way babies learn to speak their native language, by hearing it around them. That’s pretty depressing, maybe I wouldn’t be able to learn Swedish after all :-( It’s just as well those Wallander stories have subtitles I suppose.
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl His wife/girlfriend and all their friends speak English most of the time.

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I like where I am at doing what it is I do. If I didn’t, would change one or both. As for a fantasy job, I wouldn’t mind being a seat tester during the baseball games for our local teams. You know, watch the game and making sure the seat works. I pay to do that now, but hey, at least my name is on my seat at the old ball park.

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