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What do you do when you go to your in network doctor and he sends bloodwork to out of network facility !

Asked by msbooger (36points) April 14th, 2008

We got a bill for 1,200 for bloodwork that is not covered

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cheebdragon's avatar or google MBAA (medical billing advocates of America)

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Call your insurance company and your doctor. See if there’s anything they can do.

(This sounds like a screwup on your doctor’s part.)

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I called the insurance company and they said it now is our bill . They sent it to this same place last year and it was covered , the girl from the insurance company said that’s wierd that they paid it last year because it should n’t have been. ha I think this is someone just sitting in their basement !!

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Ask your doctor for copys of all the paperwork, especialy the paper that you usually have to sign while you wait to be seen, they should have needed your athorization to send your labwork.

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