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Who enjoys snake hunting?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 14th, 2008

I have all ready caught 2 snakes. No rattel snakes yet….I don’t know what it is but I get a rush catching snakes.

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St. Patrick ruined that for everyone here…nothing left to hunt.

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snake charmers?

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Mongooses, ferrets, weasels, Perseus…

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my wife got me interested in Snake Shooting. her dad is a rice farmer in Arkansas. Sometime around Mother’s Day, it starts getting really hot and the snakes (Cotton Mouth’s and Water Moccasins) start coming out. They hang out in trees and long the banks of the reservoir. All you need is a .22 and a 4-wheeler or Gator. They hunt them mostly for fun, but they also do it to help protect the farmers.

We don’t catch them…we just shoot them into 2 pieces.

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I catch and and let go.

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I enjoy hunting for bargains!

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I go herping on occasion with my friends, particularly the bio majors. We photograph, identify, record, and report each catch, and we usually give the snake a pinkie for putting up with us. We’ve caught probably near a hundred. All different kinds.
On occasion you catch a snake that shouldn’t be in the wild and got there because some idiot let it escape. When we end up with ball pythons and stuff we take them to the local reptile rescue.

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I’m assuming that you mean to examine and enjoy and then release….

I often appall my associates by picking up almost any and every snake that I see (not that many venomous species in this area, all of which I can identify on sight). I find them fascinating.

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I enjoy hunting for snake taxidermy.

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Ya when I’m at my job sites I look around, and if I find a snake I take it back to the shop and show it to the troops and let them know that there are dangers around our job sites. Man I should have been a snake man with my own show. Haha.

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Do you eat them ? I always wanted to try snake but we don’t have them where I live.

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I tried some in Iraq. It tasted like beef jerky.

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You’re a jerky

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+300 score for peedub!

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