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Would Jesus appear as an alien?

Asked by flutherother (30485points) February 7th, 2011

If there is life on alien worlds would God send his Son to live among them so they can be saved?

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By that logic, wouldn’t all aliens look like us? God made us in his image, right? So if god also created other worlds, sentient beings would likely also be made in his image.

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“Saved” from what?

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Think about what you are asking. Was God born and raised on this planet? Or does he live on this planet? If not then he is an alien to this planet. Christ spent his mortal life here but was half God so his father was an alien. Then the question arises is he God to all the Universe? And what entails all the Universe? Then you have to ask is there life on other planets and is God considered their God?

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Maybe he made uranus a holy place….......amen!

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What? Oh, Puhleeze.

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I think there are alot of athiests on fluther, but it isn’t totaly unreasonable to think that humans evolved on other planets, and in that case our God could be their God, but I can’t see him incarnating as a little green cyclops. Cyclopses would have a whole other set of issues to us.

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I suppose the question could be put this way. If we find intelligent life in space will God still prefer human beings to those slimy aliens?

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Only if there were also apples and snakes on that alien world.

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@flutherother Well if God agrees to us killing and eating animals, if those aliens come to earth, and are more intelligent, more aware and generally more devine than us, not only could they take over, but they could eat us too :D

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@lemming I like the metaphor of the universe as a kind of restaurant where the more advanced guests are allowed to eat the others.

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@lemming @flutherother And you don’t think that happens? It has happened here before. Look at the drawings left in ancient ruins on this planet.

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If we discover aliens as civilized as us but don’t believe in god, does that prove god doesn’t exist?

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@flutherother lol, as long as they bless themselves before they eat me it’s ok, I’m fine with it.

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Perhaps he would choose to knock up individuals on those planets. Maybe he’s got like tons of recessive genes and the little rascals always end up looking like the mom.

Then the other kids wouldn’t make fun of him in school until he just had to perform a miracle or something.

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Good grief @lemming you have reminded me of this

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Why not?

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