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How do I assign different keys to 'Wake up" and 'Shut Down" in Windows XP?

Asked by nina (895points) February 7th, 2011

I am teaching my 92-year-old mom to use a laptop. “Wake Up” from Stand By mode and “Shut Down” functions are assigned to the same key – so she often mistakenly shuts the computer down.

How can I asign these two functions to two different keys?

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Depending upon what keys they are, you can install KeyTweak and use that to modify the key. If it’s not a key that shows up on that key map, then you can simply assign a couple of F keys and abandon the use of the original key.

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What OS version.
It is usually found in Start | Settings | Control Panel | Power Options | Advanced

You can set the Power Buttons options there on what to do when certain things occur:
When I close the lid
When I push the power button
When I activate sleep

There also may already be a Function key assigned to this that you can change in the BIOS.

To keep it simple, use the Windows OS control unless you need to get more granular.

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