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What year (in the 90s) had the best Jeep Cherokee?

Asked by Carly (4550points) February 7th, 2011

I’m looking at Jeep Cherokees (not Grand Cherokees) made in the 90s, with manual transmission. I like the models made in 97’, but I’m more concerned about how well they were made.

Do you know if there was a specific yearly model that was better than the others (or years that were really bad). or, Should I just try to look for the least amount of miles(and obviously how good of condition its in)?

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Not trying to be a jerk, but I think that well-made Jeeps are typically the exceptions that prove the rule that they’re all mostly crap.

My wife had a Jeep that stopped running whenever it rained or if the humidity was high. How (not) rugged is that?

If you’re looking for reliability with a legitimate truck frame, real 4×4, and off-road capability, might you also consider the Toyota 4Runner or the Nissan Pathfinder? Or really, just about anything else?

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Try asking these people! They seem like they might be able to help you. They have professional jeep mechanics who know a lot about their field.

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99 is the best year. In 2000 they changed sometime with the engine, which has always been great. All the 2000–01 would have blown head gaskets if they over heat only a little bit.

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We had a 94, a 95, and now a 96 Jeep Cherokee. We loved all three, though the 95 had transmission problems.
The 94 was totalled by a drunk driver.
The 95 was given to charity when the transmission chain disemboweled itself.
I still drive the 96.

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