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Is this romantic or creepy? Please tell me what you think about something I found today.

Asked by wilma (16392points) February 7th, 2011

I dropped some things off at Goodwill today and while I was there I looked around, I often find books that I want. Today I found The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.
Inside the front cover in cursive handwriting, was an inscription. Here is what it says:

“R” (I don’t even know your name.)

I can only imagine the sweetness of your kisses or the sensuous warmth of your breasts, but I’ve seen the laughter in your eyes and have felt the warmth of your smile.
In knowing you
— I have met woman.

A fan,


In the bottom corner of the page was also written:

Have a happy one!

My first thought was that it was incredibly romantic. But if he (or maybe she?) doesn’t even know the woman’s name, is it creepy?
I also wonder how the book was given? was it wrapped and gifted in person? was it left to be found by the woman? What about the choice of books, The Prophet?
What do you think? And how would you feel if this was written to you?

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