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Will Skyrim be better than Oblivion?

Asked by Sandman (529points) February 7th, 2011

Based on what we know so far, and admittedly it isn’t a whole lot, what are your predictions for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Will it be better than Oblivion? Why? Why not?

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Yes. Hell yes. Oblivion’s engine was great for it’s time, but you could see how badly it aged in Fallout: New Vegas, and New Vegas used it waaaay better than FO3. Aside from this, they’re taking a lot of the best aspects of Fallout (awesome perks), and streamlining the leveling system. I love everything about it, the engine, the combat, the leveling, and the fact that everyone won’t look exactly the same ^.^

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The Oblivion Engine certainly has aged poorly, I have to agree. And Skyrim certainly looks to be a game-changer (no pun intended) which is good. I also look forward to the alterations made to gameplay elements specifically, as well as the new artistic direction. I am curious, since you mention fallout, how many mechanics from those games may worm their way into this title, if at all.

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Same here. That being said, I hope that the dreary world of Fallout 3 won’t affect the tone of Skyrim. Not that FO3 was too dark, but the setting was so bleak at times. And I agree, the art direction looks fantastic!

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Yeah, see that’s where I’m kinda at too. It was very bleak, in fact everything was bleak, and that made the game world, not the game itself, a little monotonous. And as for the art, who doesn’t like vikings?

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Better? Or just better looking? You’re just talking about how the engine looks, and that’s a small part of the overall game that comes from Bethesda.

As far as answering the question goes, it completely depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. I still think Daggerfall was the best game, although it’s not going to look like much compared to what’s out today. There are aspects of Morrowind that I prefer over Oblivion. If they keep making the playable landscape smaller then I may just give up on it.

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Exactly! New Vegas got it right, it was bleak at just the right moments and areas, to the point where I was genuinely surprised when it happened. And I agree, vikings are for the win.
@mrentropy I never played anything before Oblivion :/ I’ve been told Morrowind was great, but Oblivion was still a solid game in my eyes

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Morrowind was pretty good. It’s combat mechanics left much to be desired, but it was over all a much larger and more complex world. Unfortunately this alienated some players which is why thye tried to find more of a balance in Oblivion. Vegas also had some great story-telling tied into those surprise moments.

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