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Is this T-Mobile Caller Name Display really for free for the first 30 days ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) February 7th, 2011

I got a text for T-Mobile and this is what they sent me on my cell phone: “Free T-Mobile msg: Who’s calling? Try Caller Name Display; like Caller ID for your mobile phone.Call 611 to sign up and get the first 30 days free.” I would really like to know because I’ve seen advertisements online claiming that you can do it for free but they only let you do a sample and then want you to pay for some full versions. I would like to know if any one ever use this too and if it’s really free for the first 30 days because I would like to only use this for one day and that’s it without paying.

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I can only tell you this. I have had T-Mobile for about 12 years. Yes, that’s 12 years. I have never had a complaint with T-Mobile. Everything they have advertised has always been as it should be. I say give it try and see what happens. Did you know that T-Mobile is first in customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Powell and Assocs.? I believe this. And, T-Mobile is the number two cellphone leader in the United States. Their service has always been as it should be. john

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You have to pay to get the caller’s name displayed on your mobile phone? Surely that can’t be right. If you don’t sign up for the service, what does it show on your phone when someone rings you?

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