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Get paid to answer?

Asked by ptosis (18points) February 8th, 2011

How much lurve do I need to earn before getting paid to answer question for

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We don’t get paid to answer questions on Fluther, we just do it because we want to.

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You get paid with any amount of lurve, just not in $$
In helping others, in getting help in return, in creating new connections in your brain as you ponder difficult questions, in meeting a community of other ‘jellies’, in being exposed to other views of everything imaginable, etc.

Joining Fluther: $0. Being part of the Collective: Priceless

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Uhh, where are you getting your information?

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I get paid. You guys haven’t gotten paid yet?

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Is this a joke question? I’m asking because I can’t always tell and I end up looking stupid. OK, <prepares to seem really stupid> I’ll assume that this isn’t a joke question. The basis for Fluther is a wonderful one. Everyone here has all sorts of life experiences. This makes all of us experts on different things, experts because we’ve experienced them, lived through them, survived them. The fact that there are so many jellies here willing to share that (sometimes painfully personal) knowledge, hoping that somewhere, someone will see the answer to whatever problem they might have in their reply. Hoping that they might avoid, or find a way out of, whatever situation they might be facing. THAT is what makes Fluther such an incredible place, full of strong, capable, loving, caring, understanding, non-judgemental people. The notion that anyone should come here and expect payment for doing what other jellies are sharing so freely, well that cheapens what we have here. I’m very proud to be here, I feel so lucky to have gotten to know my fellow jellies through their replies, and I feel safe here. That is my “payment” and I owe so much more back in return.
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl That’s not what you said at the last shareholder’s meeting.

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This has to be a damn joke. Either that, or we’re getting another flood of people from yahoo answers. uhg

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How much lurve did Auggie have when she became a paid employee?

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Psh. I paid them to hire me. ~

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@mrentropy LOL LOL :-)
huggles xx

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Thanks for the answers. I answer questions for free @ Hubpages and then I heard about ChaCha that says they pay – but don’t. I was just wondering where Fluther is going with this social web.

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I highly doubt that Fluther will ever pay people to answer questions. We’re much more about fostering community and having discussions… Having paid members would probably ruin all of that. We’re here because we want to be, which makes for a great knowledge base.

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Check’s in the mail, Jellies.

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methinks someone isn’t long for the lagoon.

Paid! Hell, I’d be happy with some homemade chocolate chip cookies with walnuts every once in a while.

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Don’t say that, they might try to bill me.

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