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How to link to search engine on open questions or sort topics?

Asked by ptosis (18points) February 8th, 2011

Please tell me how I can search or sort topic by my interest instead of simply getting the latest questions?

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If you type ” ” in your web browser, it will bring up all questions that have ‘engine’ as a topic. You can substitute ‘engine’ for any other topic and if it’s an active topic on the Fluther database, it’ll bring up questions with that topic listed.

Another way is to add those topics to your profile, by hovering over where they are listed in your question (and other questions) and clicking ‘add topic’. Then, whenever someone asks a questions with that topic listed, it will show up in the ‘questions for you’. You can also look at other people’s profiles and add topics to your profile from their profile the same way.

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You can also try Google search. Add “” to your search to restrict the results to Fluther

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You can also just type the topic into the search box up there in the top right corner of the page.

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