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What are some of the better options when looking for a slim fit dress shirt?

Asked by Blackberry (31011points) February 8th, 2011

There are different ways to go about obtaining the perfect dress shirt, but I’m inquiring specifically about dress shirts for slim guys. I’m 5’9, 160lbs. I have tried slim fit and athletic shirts from a few designers, but they are still baggy; I don’t like it.

Do you know any specific designers that make dress shirts for small guys like me? Apparently I can get them custom made (bespoke?), but I assume that is expensive, too.

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Brooks Brothers Brothers has both slim fit and extra slim fit. has both slim fit and extra slim fit.

robmandu's avatar—Excellent prices, fast delivery, great product. I’ve gotten a suit and custom-made shirt from them. It’s worth the effort to get a real tailor to take your measurements, though. Check out their Perfect Fit Guarantee.

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Bespoke shirts are expensive but not excessively so. In London there are several places on Jermyn St I can think of that will make make you a shirt from about £100 which when you compare to some designer labels is pretty damn good.

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Ralph Lauren makes oxfords that are specifically “slim fit” that are great for slim men (assuming you like that preppy-ish style).

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Sean John fitted shirts are really fitted.

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I’m a similar build to you and have the same problem… glad to see the other answers here.

- Banana Republic/Express have slim fit shirts that seem to fit me alright
– Found this yesterday and haven’t tried it out yet, but seems a viable option as well ProperCloth

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I would suggest try Nattyshirts we are an online company that specializes in custom made shirts we make shirts contour to you specific body. An individual pattern is made for every member according to there specific body measurements. We are the economical online company we deliver custom made dress shirt in 7 business days there is no one online that matches our delivery service. WE take into account your body posture and provide you with 20 stitches per inch no one does that either. We provide you with matching stripes to give your shirt that expensive sophisticated look.

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