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Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? Is this necessary or a scam?

Asked by geeky_mama (8930points) February 8th, 2011

I’m considering seeking out a reputable duct cleaner..but wonder if any of you have had positive or negative experiences with air duct cleaning. Is this really an unnecessary kind of maintenance service? I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had this done at their home before..

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…and just to clarify: Our house is dusty. We have 6 people, 2 dogs and 2 cats living here and it’s 25+ year old house that’s never had it’s ducts cleaned. That said, we keep a verrry clean house..but the other night when I turned up the heat I actually noticed some dust blowing in the heat from the floor register. This is what has me on this kick.. that and wondering if it might help 2 of us who suffer from dust allergies to breathe a bit better.

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And—I’ve already read this helpful article so I know that having it done wrong may be worse than doing nothing at all…

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If you have allergies, it can help a lot. It will also make the furnace or AC run more efficiently, saving you on heating cooling bills.

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If breathing dust, animal dander, mould and dust mites is of no concern to you, then I would not invest the money to have your HVAC ducts cleaned annually.

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I have never had my house’s ducts cleaned, but we regularly clean the ducts in our office at work. It seems to makes a big difference in the amount of dust that’s flying around.

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My Mom had this done, and she could tell a big difference with her allergies.

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Yes, we had ours cleaned and sealed. It did wonders for our heating and cooling bill.

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It is certainly worth it. Removing traces of dust, mold, etc will only be a good thing.
Upgrading the efficiency of the filter to remove more particles can help maintain the equipment as well as human lungs.
The right filter and right size filter area is important to the efficiency of the system and its ability to capture these particles.
When filters get clogged they trap better, but they loose system pressure. Change them as recommended.
My Brother had this done in his home and it was well worth every cent he paid.

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Thank you all! Good to hear positive experiences…and that there was a noticeable difference. Considering the number of dander producing creatures in our house..I’m going to schedule a duct cleaning.

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