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Most under-rated iPhone apps?

Asked by kainwilbur (1points) February 8th, 2011

Hello, first question here on fluther.. What do you all think about the iPhone App market right now, it seems the appstore is getting flooded with app submissions and the small, indie apps are getting shoved out of the way by the big guys.

Feel free to post a list of your favorite less-known/under-rated iphone apps. Right now my favorites have to include monster fire, wifi warfare lite, and some others i can’t remember at the moment. You’ll also help me add some new items to my app collection :)

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Well, my favorite underrated apps would include KenKen (think Sudoku, but with blocks that you have to fill in with a certain number through addition, multiplication, etc).

I don’t know if we like the same types of games, but I also like Depict (it’s like pictionary) and Moxie (a word game).

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hey, thanks for the suggestions. i’ll definitely be checking out kenken, it sounds really interesting. I’m still new to the whole iphone world, so im looking to expand my collection.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Pandorabox is a terrific app especially for those new to apps.

In addition to listing new apps, every day it adds a list of apps which are price-dropped or free.

Many are for a limited time only before they go back to full price, others have a time limited intro period. Developers drop prices or offer them free for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes it’s because they want more reviews, other times there’s a whole bunch around various holidays. Sometimes it’s an anniversary for that app or that developer’s company.

Last year, one guy offered all of his apps free for a week to celebrate the birth of his son.

Without Pandorabox, I never would have known about any of these.I check it once a day and download any free ones which I think I may have any use for and park them in my iTunes acct. I can always delete them later if I realize they aren’t that useful to me.

Best of all, it’s free. There are similar apps offering less info which aren’t free so Pandorabox is the one.

Another handy one is called The Find. Whatever you are looking to buy can be entered into their search and it returns a list of stores near you which are carrying it and the price. It’s saved me on gas money driving from store to store.

It also lists web resources for the item.

Sudoku Daily. There are tons of apps for this game, many which charge, but this free one has the clearest interface and functionality.

If you use the search feature here you can find suggestions from other users in the past also.

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The lightsaber app. It makes you a jedi!!!

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