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What has being on Fluther taught you?

Asked by ETpro (34526points) February 8th, 2011

Several days ago, I popped into what appeared to be a very simple question. There were only a couple of responses, both covering part of it, I though, but leaving one aspect unanswered. I chimed it with a “what they said, plus this” response. The question went on to gather numerous additional responses and several of them revealed points that none of the three of us to first answer had covered. That exchange brought to mind many others like it—and this question. What I have learned from being on Fluther is that there are more ways of looking at a question than I can ever seem to second guess. Only by getting a large group of disparate views do I really get a full picture of how complex some seemingly simple things turn out to be.

I am sure others have similar, or very different stories to tell about what Fluther has taught them. So have at it.

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Trolling is a art.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard “An” art. Or was that a troll?

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@everephebe maybeh

But seriously, Fluther has taught me that human beings are infinitely curious, infinitely strange, and capable of being infinitely friendly or infinitely assholish. All in all, I dig it.

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The refresh button is:
important>not important.

Social dynamics work pretty much the same pretty much where ever you go.

Body language and inflection are important, but it helps to use things like bold, italics and ”‘whispers”. Grammar and punctuation help too.

Being able to edit, is key.

Some people on here don’t read shit.

Moderators… best to stay on their good side.

You can learn from answers as much as you learn from questions. And… You can learn as much from answering a question as asking one.

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There are still good people out in the world.

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@everephebe Nice riposte.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard How true. We see it all in a single night here.

@everephebe Definitely the more formatting (and proof reading) we can master, the clearer our communications here where body language and vocal inflection are not available to tell what’s joking and what was actually meant as an insult.

@FutureMemory It is gratifying to know how many bright, aware people are around. Thanks for adding that.

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Some interesting facts, but not much else.

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@bob_ Facts galore for me. Sadly one of them was not how to better remember all the facts I collect each day.

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@bob_ Now actually, I am going to remember that. Ask me in a year. :-)

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I feel like I learn more and more about productive ways to build knowledge/consensus. Whether I’m even close to learning all that I should…I have no clue…

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One point I’ve found, is I’ve gained an even greater respect for succinctness and clarity.

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