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What do you love about Fluther? (part 3)

Asked by filmfann (48225points) February 8th, 2011

Andrew and jonsblond have both asked this question, but that was then, and this is now.
Let’s not say anything about what needs tweeking, or what would be cool, but just sticking to the site as it is today!
What is so cool about this site?

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One thing i like is the lack of the first person answering the question so say ”FIRST

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The beer and the wimminz.

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It’s always available!

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Either I am loving being interested, educated, amused or I am irritated, intolerant and snappy. Something’s always goin’ on here!

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So many things. People never get trolled, it suits whatever mood I’m in, but I think it’s the people. The community is just the right size, its big enough to have people who are new to me, and small enough to get me familiar with some truly awesome Jellies out there.

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I love that 98% of the morons that join end up leaving of their own accord.

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The people, first and foremost.

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Having spent a lot of this winter either sick or snowed in, I love the contact with the world out there when I can’t go out there. I love that I could still have conversations even when I had laryngitis. I love the sheer volume of stuff that I’m exposed to on Fluther.

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The sense of community seems to facilitate people letting down their guards so that they aren’t constantly defending a position, but often listening to what other people say.

I often see threads where a contribution is acknowledged, and then built on – not so much on many other sites.

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I like that I’ve come into contact with so many different people – some with whom I know I’d be friends in real life, some that make me laugh, some that make me shake my head and roll my eyes, some that make me angry, some that make me feel good about me.

I often end up thinking about ideas which wouldn’t have come to mind otherwise.

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Making new friends and fiancees !!!

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@Austinlad : It really does seem to be a dating site these days, doesn’t it?

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Getting new perceptions. Causing my thinking to change.

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Getting to know people I normally wouldn’t get a chance to meet. Especially now that I live on a farm and I’m by myself during the day. Y’all good company. :)

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@JilltheTooth, I sure didn’t set out for that but ya never know what the next email will bring. ;-)

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It keeps me away from pornography for at least 14 hours.

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@Michael_Huntington – Oh my god that’s a good one…totally forgot about that. :-)

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I got to meet some great people that I hope to meet in real life soon. @JilltheTooth I haven’t met any dates on here. :-)

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There are many things I enjoy about fluther. You get to meet new people, find the answer to your most common questions and just learn with a group of smart people!

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@chyna : I’m workin’ on it!
And look at @cRazelyCrazed ! Another dog for the Jelly Kennel!

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@JilltheTooth Looks like a chew toy for Molly and Zuppy.

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Yeah, that’d be one scrappy chew toy! You’d be surprised how fast a scrappy terrier can take down something Molly’s size. It’s amazing. The really little ones have taken physics classes and learned that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Remind me to tell you about Micro the Westie sometime…

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@JilltheTooth Notice Molly has a pink bow in her hair, sitting on a pink throne as I say this. Not exactly the image of a mean boxer.

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Valentine Bunny Molly!

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