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How long does it take to sail from the South of France to the Suez Canal?

Asked by twothecat (391points) February 8th, 2011

Has anyone traveled by sailboat from France to Egypt? If so, how long did it take, and what were the conditions like?

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its about 1600 nautical miles. so what’s your average cruising speed? 12 knots? two weeks with no stops and going directly.

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Is there a googlemaps, for sailing? Because that would be fantastic.

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As @zenvelo stated, it’s approximately 1600 nautical miles. How long it takes you to do that is a function of time (and seamanship, navigation, etc.). At 6 knots, and proceeding without stops 24 hours per day, it would take you 11 days plus a bit. At 12 knots, sailing 12 hours per day and stopping (anchoring, heaving to or simply drifting, if conditions allow) for 12 hours, then it will still take you 11 days plus a bit.

If I remember from my reading (since I haven’t sailed the Med yet), at different times of the year (and time of day – summertime mid-afternoons, I think) the sailing conditions there can get pretty hairy for awhile as winds from the north really crank up because of the local temperature differentials that build during the day.

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Depends on the wind fools. ;)

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No google for sailing, but there is this

There may be something comparable for the Mediterranean out there somewhere.

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