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Where do seagulls go at night?

Asked by Sandman (529points) February 9th, 2011

A comedian asked this as a rhetorical question recently when I was at a show in Dublin, Ireland. I gotta say, I was kind of in awe of it. Where DO seagulls go at night? I assume they have nests (I mean their birds) but where? On cliff faces?

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Around here they go either to the forest or mostly they group at the superstore parkinglot under the cart holder thing or next to the building…

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But where do they raise their young? Has anyone found their nests in the forest?

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They build their nests in the ground, and the gestation period for their eggs is about a month. So after a hard day at the ocean, they probably head home.

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The nests are usually in the forest near a river/lake/ocean

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The rookery. (Their nests are near water on the ground.)

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Huh! And now we know! Thanks guys :)

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Just to be clear, though- very few birds spend time in nests outside of the breeding season. They do not live in nests or sleep in nests every night.

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Maybe they took a wrong tern! I dunno :¬)

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@ucme : I can’t stop laughing.

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