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What's the exact link I should go on to itunes to seek help for my iPod touch?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I done want to call a number I am not a people person

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Actually, just hit up google. You would be surprised how much online forums can help a technologically sickening situation.

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drop down the help menu on iTunes

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Oh heck, just bring your problem here, what’s going on???

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Go to Apple’s main web page, then click the support link on the nab bar, then choose iPod section. Otherwise, there are contact numbers available on their support site.

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well every time I plug in my iPod touch it says iTunes can’t read my iPod because I need a newer version of iTunes and I even ran diagnonais and I do have the updated version it also said to remove of from my computer and reinstall it but I did and it still says the same thing!!!

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did you modify anything on the touch? did you get that latest version from the apple site?

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yes I have the most recent one unless it was updated within the last three days

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