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Tablets or netbooks, how do you feel about them?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) February 9th, 2011

For the last week I have been in a dilemma that I may never get out of, I need a light computer, for text editing, browsing, netflix, a bit of coding and a slathering of image stuff.

I have an iPhone so the tablet, naturally would be an iPad 2. However, then again there are those Macbook airs.. or perhaps an iPad and a cheap netbook. They all do what I want, assuming a jailbreak or two, they all say there the future and they all have there good and bad sides.

Can the fine fluthering fellows (and she-fellows) help, which do you like more and why.

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It seems as if netbooks are on the decline. Tablets are definitely growing in the market. Although, I have never owned one. My wife has a netbook and it’s great for her because she mainly just surfs the web and does homework on it. If you want to do some coding on a netbook, the small screen may not be suitable for you.

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Tablets are going to start BLOWING UP this year in a major way. The LG G Slate looks amazing… I’m excited for the prospect of possibly being able to sell my desktop and just carry around a slate.

My name is Mr Laconic and I live in the cloud.

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Forget netbooks. Having owned and returned no fewer than four of them, I can tell you they’re underpowered and too hard to work on—even for email and surfing. Tablets, at least the iPad, is great for entertainment but not much of a productivity tool. I think the next generation of tablets will be better (faster processors, more memory), but I’m still a laptop man, the 14” size being my favorite. Having said all this, I think you just have to decide what you want your machine for. A netbook or tablet may be just right for you, though not for me.

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@mrlaconic The Motorola Xoom also looks incredible!

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For my needs, neither a tablet nor a netbook would do it for me. I use my 15” laptop as my primary computer. I use it for gaming, web browsing, email, burning CDs/DVDs and word processing. I do have a desktop computer, but it’s packed away at my parents’ house.

I’ve never used a tablet, so I can’t really say anything one way or the other.

Personally, I think netbooks are useless. They’re tiny and cute, but that’s about it.

My laptop is big enough that I can comfortably type and read the screen without squinting, but it’s also small enough that I can take it with me to school or anywhere else. I can’t see myself using anything else at this point.

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I love my little netbook. I’ve had it for two years. It was an impulse buy that I regretted once I’d clicked ‘submit’, but it turned into one of the best buys I’ve made in years.

However, I wouldn’t buy one again. Simply speaking, this is not because I saw the light; I touched it.

With a reasonable resolution screen (1024×600 at least) and a touch interface, I wouldn’t go back to a netbook that is both heavier and, well, clunkier. My next purchase will be an Android tablet with a keyboard-stand รก la the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

My only concern is that there isn’t (yet) a proper FOSS office suite for Android. I don’t think that this situation will obtain, however.

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I have a netbook which I use for basic net access and word-processing whilst travelling, and I love it. I used to use a full size laptop but find it unwieldy on trains when carrying other luggage as well. Tablets don’t appeal to me so much, they seem vastly underpowered in comparison even with a netbook. It’s basically just an oversized phone that you can’t use as a phone, and I can’t use anything that doesn’t have a proper keyboard.

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Netbook: I like to have a real keyboard.

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