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Can I take artistic liberty and replace an EMT with a forensic attendant in a scene?

Asked by windex (2926points) February 9th, 2011

I have a character die in a scene, and want to replace the forensic attendant that bags the body and takes him/her away on a gurney with an EMT.

Mainly because of the blue jumpsuit that they wear with the word coroner on the back. I think it’ll be more visually pleasing if replaced with an EMT uniform. Also it’ll work better with the whole scene/color pallet/texture etc.

major do, don’t or meh

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I think it would only work if the EMT was there to attempt to revive the person, who ultimately died. If there was no one else there (meaning the forensic attendant, who would likely not be there unless the person was already deceased and had been found that way) and the EMT had attempted to revive the person, but they died anyway, then it is more likely that the EMT would bag the body at that time. But if the forensic attendant was already on the scene, because they had found a dead body, even if an EMT was also present, that person would not likely be involved at that point.

Just going by what I see on NCIS!

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I’m sure different jurisdictions do things differently. If your scene is not in a major metro area, i can’t imagine too many people would notice and fewer would care.

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You can do what you like. What happens in real life and what happens in fiction are two very different things. As long as what you write is believable and makes sense within the world you have created you can get away with an awful lot.

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I believe the responsibility of a patient ends when the patient pronounces. The patient would be on a gurney headed to the hospital.

If it is a homicide or suspicious then the EMT could be tampering with evidence.

If the death is suspicious I suggest that you either:
1. Have the victim barely alive
2. Simply have the forensic investigator wear a uniform in the color you wish.

However if it is an obvious not-suspicious accident it possibly could be aided by the fire department.

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What is this? if you’re writing a screenplay, the uniform doesn’t matter; someone else will be deciding that.

If you’re shooting a short or a low budget thing, really no one cares, as long as we don’t see the boom.

If you’re doing a graphic novel, then you have all kinds of options to block the offensive lettering.

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Doesn’t it more relate to the question of “What are you trying to convey in the scene?”
It may not make a difference and it may make a difference depending on what you want to have the audience take away from it.
Then you can better determine if you can take artistic liberty.

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Thanks everyone

@blueiiznh What I want to convey is pretty much the fact that this “moment” is it. (the end, his death, the end of everything, loss/failure)

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