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I'm stuck on Across Age HD for iPad... Help?

Asked by Magic5678 (174points) February 9th, 2011

Hey, I’ve been playing Across Age on the iPad and I’m stuck at the part where you are in Unjammi Ruins and there’s the lever where the characters aren’t heavy enough to push down the lever… PLEASE HELP!!!

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I would be happy to try to help you but I,m not quite as far as you. I,m stuck in the ruins too but I can’t get through the door where it says you need a key with a face on it or something. Where do you get that key? When I get to the part where you’re stuck I’ll be happy to respond if I figure it out.

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I’m trying to find a way through that also, I HATE THAT STUPID CRAZY CAVE!!!! ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GONG!!!!!!!!!!! though yeah, I can’t get past either part.

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All you have to do is pick the block up and carry it to the switch

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You go to the part where it has two passages and the stone with words in between, and then you have each person to into a different side figure out that puzzle then when you get it done carry the block to that button.

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