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What are the factors a viral video should have for it to work?

Asked by meeeek (50points) February 9th, 2011

Any suggestions, guys? I was thinking of posting the video on Youtube. Do you think it would work? My product is a street food which, I could say is a delicacy in my country.

Or would posters be more effective? Can you think of any other channels I could use?

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Viral videos are viral, in essence, because they are inscruitible…they grab something in people that they need to share…

…you can’t really formulate that.

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If you’re trying to market a product, you should use every means of cheap advertising available. So posting the video is a great start, because it’s free. Posters are also a good start. You could also contact your local newspaper with a press kit about your product. How are you selling it?

It seems like viral videos have this combination of snark, irony, and silliness… a great example of an ad that is also a viral video is the Old Spice guy. It’s so silly and over the top, but you can tell they’re winking at the whole thing.

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Sizzle. Obscurity. Shock. Awe. Humor.

It could be a wide variety of things, but no matter what, it has to trigger emotion.

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