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Should I study abroad in Barcelona?

Asked by nimalc (12points) February 9th, 2011

I am a business major and am interested in studying abroad.
My school has several different programs, one of which is in Barcelona. I took Spanish in high school, but not in college.

Have any of you been to/lived in Barcelona?
What did you like or dislike about your time there?
Is there anything about the city I should know?

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I have never been there, but from what I have heard and read I’d be there in a heartbeat. And I encourage anyone who has a chance to study abroad to do so. That’s one of those things you won’t regret doing, but may regret passing on if you don’t.

The official language is Catalan, though, but just about everyone also speaks Spanish.

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I’ve never been to Barcelona or Spain, but I highly recommend studying abroad for a year. I did it in college, and it changed my life, my heart, and my soul.

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What @zenvelo said. Go!

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Gooooo!!! The best way to learn the language is by having no other choice but to speak it.. plus, you’ll enjoy learning about a different culture.. I wouldn’t think twice if I were you!

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Go! Will the classes be in English? Do you stay in a dorm?

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My daughter lived there while she got her TESOL certification to teach ESL. She really enjoyed it.
Anything specific you want me to ask her?

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Barcelona is great. Hospitality was superb. A fresh market near a famous shopping street with exotic pet peddlers was choice.

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Yes, definitely. I studied abroad in Seville. I chose to study in Spain rather than an English-speaking country because I wanted full cultural immersion, and got it speaking a foreign language and also living with a Spanish host family. I think you’ll find that your Spanish will come back pretty quickly, and you’ll be learning more an a rate that will surprise you. Yes it’s Catalan, but Castilian will get you far, and you’ll pick up some Catalan. As @zenvelo said, you will not regret going, you will regret passing up the opportunity.

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Also, read the book The Shadow of the Wind. It is an amazing tale, and it takes place in Barcelona. You can really get to know the city through reading it, so I’d read it before going or while you’re there if I were you. I really wanted to go back to the city after it!

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Barcelona is fabulous. It has amazing history, stunning architecture, great food (including some wonderful chocolate shops) and friendly inhabitants in a beautiful setting, and the world’s best football team. In a word, go.

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Keep in mind that you need two foreign languages.

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Last summer, my niece studied in Barcelona and absolutely loved it. Personally any experience you can have abroad is very worthwhile. I was in Germany for 5 weeks on a business exchange and it was amazing. Go for It!

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I would always encourage someone to study abroad. In college, I went to England, my husband went to Japan. We both still have friendships 15 & 17 years later with people overseas.

Being in another culture teaches one to see things through a different lens – this is difficult to do in ones own culture. Accepted “norms” are challenged and you have to rethink your thoughts and opinions.

I don’t know anyone who has regretted studying abroad. Only those who regret not going.

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