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Would this type of disclosure be erroneous?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10277points) February 9th, 2011

I entertain a personal suspicion that I have good ideas.

Like board games called jumping to conclusions level absurdity.

So, it is my intention to begin a question segment disclosing every tenth one.

Call it charity! Call it lunacy! Call it WeakIdeaLeaks!

But be sure not to miss them…

With no further ado…I give you my first Idea and ask, should I have spared you, or should I have hidden this brilliant gem for the patent office.

A restaurant/kitchen concept whereat you submit any recipe/recipes to it, and select a time two weeks ahead when you want to pick up the prepared dish/dishes.

When you arrive, the dish is ready for onsite consumption, or to be taken to go.

Have a recipe you’ve always wanted to try…done.

Grandma’s fried chicken something you been missing…done

There’s Idea number one…trust me they’re getting better, stay tuned.

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I think it’s a great idea, @Ltryptophan. It would require some working out, though: you’d have to know the price in advance and agree to it, and there’d have to be some kind of cancellation penalty, and so on. But I can imagine someone figuring out how to make a go of it, at least on a trial basis.

As for the patent office, I’m not qualified to offer legal advice, but I’d be pretty surprised if such an idea were patentable. There’s no product as such. How could you stop anyone from copying the idea? You couldn’t.

I sure think your question itself could use a much better and clearer subject line.

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@Jeruba I agree, suggest one, and I’ll flag myself and request a chance for a change.

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See PM.

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@Jeruba all well stated, thanks. I will attempt succinctity(sp?).

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Good idea. A comment though, would the cooks be free to improve the recipe – or cook it to specs no matter what happens? I assume a master cook (chemist) is at work, with some idea of what works, or what something needs to work (taste-wise).

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Sort of like a personal chef service with eat-in? Interesting. Not patentable, but interesting.

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Good Idea. Here is what I am thinking of putting together. How about a resturant that does Dutch Oven cooking and a section of the outdoor area could be used to teach others how to cook their own recipes and how to use a dutch oven. I love food from a Dutch oven and it would be fun to get involved in it. And I would serve the food in small dutch ovens that would keep the food very warm.

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This is a great idea, but it’s been and is being done.

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I love the idea, though I am not aware of it being done around here.

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Here are some examples:

Dinner Done

Let’s Dish

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@marinelife I thought that might be what you were talking about. The idea I have in mind would be less participatory. You would just give them the recipes and they’d do all the work, not teach you or take you along for the ride.

But those concepts are darn near the same thing.

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