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What gift would you like to receive this Valentine’s Day?

Asked by kavyakarkera (18points) February 10th, 2011

what are you expecting this Valentine

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The honest truth is that I think Valentine’s Day is stupid.

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I would like for my mother to be healthy

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I don’t expect anything.
I would like my husband to bring home a takeout dinner. I might hint to him about that, but if he has to work late that probably can’t happen, so I’d be happy with a kiss.

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Enough chocolate to make an elephant break out in hives. That is to say, lots.

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Nothing but some quiet time alone with my husband! We’re either going out for a couple of drinks or having a nice dinner alone after the kids go to bed. We don’t usually give each other presents for Valentine’s Day, just cards, but this year I got him a couple of movies he’s been wanting to see. How romantic! ;)

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The love of my family and dogs of course which I receive each and every day.
a box of dark chocolates would also be nice

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I want nothing more than for my wife to finally be free of pain and become healthy. We are working on it. :)

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A big HELLO from my friend Lonelydragon. I have not heard from her in about two weeks.

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We don’t do Valentine’s Day and I don’t expect anything, but when shopping with my daughter for cards for her classmates yesterday I noticed a huge stuffed teddy bear almost as big as me. It looked like it would be nice to cuddle with. I’d use it as a big body pillow, but I’d wait to buy it until after the 14th when it’s on sale.

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Alone time with my SO. Maybe, go see some live music, have a nice dinner, followed by a bubble bath for two.

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I’m surprised not to see any ‘response moderated’ comments lol you know, like really NSFW type stuff. Anyway, I’m a guy so I don’t expect anything except maybe a card and some chocolates like I usually get. And maybe some play

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My wife always gets me a stuffed Gorilla. When we go to the locall Zoo the silver back Gorilla there took a liking to me. I could sit behind the glass and whatever I did he would do. When someone else sat there he turned his back to them. As soon as I sat there he turned around and did what I did. LOL

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Well…erm…I’d tell you but then you would have to put a [NSFW] disclaimer on this topic… ;)

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LOL @YoBob Mine would too its been a long time.

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I would love to get flowers or be taken out to dinner.

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I learned long ago and live by the adage:
never expect, but accept!

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I don’t expect it, but I would like a kiss.

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Quality time with the love of my life! :)

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I expect for my mom to believe me like she always does that I’m into the day and get away from all of it with my partner while she watches the kids.

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Seriously? Mind blowing sex. Let’s be honest…

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A time machine…

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@KatawaGrey Come on over, you know there’s always chocolate in this house!

Well… I know my hubby will get me a beautiful card, just like he always does, and other than that I really don’t think I’m “hoping” for a particular gift. I found a musical card for my hubby this year, that actually plays “What a Wonderful World”, which he sang to me on a dinner cruise for our anniversary 3 years ago.

I’m planning on us going to dinner and taking our two little girls with us. Valentine’s Day for us is a family affair and I like it better that way. We always buy chocolates and little gifts for our daughters.

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Something he thought I would like (nothing too expensive though). Just a considered present or experience.

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Anything would be just great.

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I didn’t expect anything but he got me sold out Girl Talk tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I’m not expecting anything but I would like, no I would lurve if my fiancee could get off of work early enough for us to eat a sit down meal together, relax after and have enough energy left for nekid fun.

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I’m not expecting anything, but I wouldn’t reject one if it came my way.

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I got an early present and didn’t expect it at all! It’s one of the larger Harry Potter sets (yes, I’m a total Lego geek) and beads for my pandora bracelet.

Our anniversary and Valentine’s Day are so close together, we just kind of blend them together.

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@deni I’m jealous.

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Well I just had a first date with a guy (not this guy, this one) and we have a second date planned for Saturday night. My hope for this holiday is that we have some nice pillow talk and really get to know and like each other, and giggle.

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@Disc2021 I went on a rampage when I found out tickets were sold out. I was so mad at myself for not buying them 3 months ago. But alas, there is a god!

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I gave my boy friend a Cialis Packet

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