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What do you do when you need a little 'pick me up' in your day?

Asked by stardust (10552points) February 10th, 2011

What do you do when you’re feeling a little down?
You know it’ll pass and the feeling isn’t unbearable by any means, but you’d like to do something nice for yourself.
What’s your something nice?

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I count my blessings honey. Even on days when the pain is terrible, or I haven’t been able to sleep the night before, I always tell myself how lucky I am, what I do have, hubby and my fur/feather babies, and that helps. If I want to pamper myself a little, I’ll listen to music, or settle on the sofa and hug our furbaby Jade and watch a favourite dvd. I’ll come spend some time here, that usually makes me smile.
huggles xx

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I just make a cuppa :-/
& take ten…...............

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Sit with my book in my sunny reading chair and drink a Diet Cherry Coke.

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If I’m being good, a mug of tea.

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All I need to do to lift my spirits is to hug my wife.

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I go for a walk in the woods or for a bike ride in summer.A bubble bath is nice too.

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I take my dogs for a long walk on the moors. It blows out all the cobwebs and when I return home feel more relaxed and happy.

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@lucillelucillelucille Ah yes a bubble bath… except I am allergic to bubbles… but a long soak in the bath, candles lit all around the bathroom and a glass of wine in hand is a sure way of relaxing don’t you think?

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Starbucks Tall No Whip Hot Chocolate. If I can find it, Mexican Hot Chocolate.

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Why “Mexican Hot Chocolate??”

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I will stop and meditate and calm myself that will often lead to a deeper sleep/nap.

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@CaptainHarley It is very different than regular Hot Chocolate. Not as sweet, and a bit more malty. Usually you can find it at Mexican restaurants.

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I listen to music, talk to a friend, go for a walk, exercise, watch a movie.

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Kewl! I’ll have to try it. : ))

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I have some peeps that inspire me(snails, MI, NJ, and chocolate come to mind to name a few) a beautiful sight, nature, or a child’s laughter or a playful puppy. Who can’t be picked up by a puppy or someone that is an amazing warrior.

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Pop on my dance mix and get down for a bit! oot!oot!

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A little bite of a happy brownie and a long soak in the hot tub does it for me. ;-)

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Before I lost my husband he was the one that got me out of my blues. Lately I’m pretty blue. I go into imagination mode and imagine my husband is here and have all the memories sometimes it works opposite and I get teary eyed and other times it totally makes me happy and calms me down. I also like to go to Bath & Body Works or Starbucks, go for long drives or even just take my dogs for walks.

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Sorry to hear that @Meego. It is great that you keep memories of him and I know how you feel. I’ve lost 4 children and the last one died in my arms. I always try to remember the good times and it does help to talk about it. Hugs

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I play my guitar. I find I can express my feelings in ways that words never quite can….plus I get to make really funny looking faces like Robin Trower

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@Meego and @Summum – hugs to you both!

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@Summum thank you and i am also very sorry for your losses @aprilsimnel thank you

hugs back to you both ;)

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I don’t get sad per se, but rather a feeling of dread, a feeling like I won’t be able to make it through the day. I usually treat myself to a large can of red bull when this happens. I also listen to music.

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Listen to music, and I watch my favorite movies. If all else fails, I reread the Bone comic books :)

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Thanks for all the great replies. I did some of the above today – hot choc & a walk topped the list :-) It started off as one of those days, but that didn’t last for too long
@Meego & @Summum Sorry to hear that.xx

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I listen to my favorite music, or I pop in here and talk to a few of my favorite people (Coloma, Adirondackwannabe, Blueroses, Vunessah and Lucille always make me smile).

If it’s been a really lousy day, I log onto to WoW and kill things for a while to vent some frustration, then I go take a nice hot bath with a good book. =0)

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@stardust thank you. I went for a walk today :) the dogs loved it…

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I like to pop an AA battery up my back passage….............

Did I just say that out loud?

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I brush my teeth. There’s always a travel sized brush and paste in my handbag for when I’m not home.

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If I’m at home, I go out for a walk with my dog. That’s guaranteed to lift my mood. If I’m at work I have a cup of tea.

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Back in the day I did rails of meth, coke, or pop some adderall if I needed a lift. I don’t recommend it but they helped. Oh yeah when I lived in Miami I did shots of colada or Cuban Coffee.

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I will call my children or I spend time with my cats and then I feel much better .

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When I was in high school my old cat would predict when I was feeling down and come over and put herself in my lap. Those were the days.

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I would love to know how people think meth and coke are GA’s to what to do for a little pick me up?? I suppose if you wanna classify the thin line between life and death and the possibility of getting someone to “pick you up” off the floor and drive you to the nearest hospital, I guess when you look at it that way…ok it’s a GA

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we knew you’d see it our way. toot! toot!

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@Meego gorgeous dogs

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@stardust ah, thank you! They are a buncha characters lemme tell you! I’m sure you can see that in the pictures though. I call them my two giant dogs with little dog syndrome, you know they are playful full of life never mean and loud to anyone who will pay attention. My 6 yr old black labX will jump straight up in the air like a jack russel if he is excited to see you, jumping for joy I guess. My choc. Let’s the retriever side take over by carrying your shoes usually while rapidly wagging her tale and snorting! Both dogs also like to have at seperate times “lap time” yes they want to sit on my lap and lay their like a baby, nothing harder than picking up 75–80lb dogs to sit on your lap lol I also have to give them back, hip and leg massages if not they stand around and stare at me or lay their head on my knee, but I don’t always give in. LOL They can make me very happy most of the times, why if I didn’t have them to fill in the gaps I’m not sure what I’d do in my down time.

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