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Is it common for cats (or kittens) to come out of a animal shelter with colds?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 10th, 2011

If you have ever adopted a cat from a shelter, when you got him/or her him, did you notice the sneezing and the watery eyes?

My little guy has been sneezing, and his eyes are watery. I read online to keep him in an area where there is a humidifier, so, that it could help with his breathing. What else can I do?


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Take him to the vet. They will give you drops for his eyes and also examine him to see if there is something worse that the kitten has. Good job getting him from the animal shelter. Hugs

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Yes,it is common.
My cat,Bill came from a breeder and had a cold! You would think they would be on top of things,but nope.
I’d probably take him to a vet.
What did you name him?

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He could be just adjusting to new smells and chemicals in your home – your laundry soap, air fresheners, etc. could be new to him. Kitties often have upset tummies for a while after coming home from a shelter because they’re adjusting to new foods, so it might be the same idea.
But yes, get him checked out by a vet if you’re worried.

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@lucillelucillelucille He came with the name Chevy (girls at the shelter named him). Chevy, like the car. Not the actor.

My girlfriend thinks that we should keep it. She calls him her little Chevrolet. :)

We used to have an old, beat up grey Chevy. So, Chevy, it is!

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@Jude -I like Chevy!
Grey cats are just beautiful! My Bill is a grey guy and he knows he is beeeeeautyful. :)

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Yes, very common. It could be a number of viruses, but odds are it will be a recurrent thing. Cats don’t get colds quite like we do. You may want to take him in for a checkup, it could be feline herpes. (Nothing like HSV in humans) That can cause severe eye infections and upper respiratory infections in cats if not properly looked after, but if you’re aware it can be a minor thing.

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Kennel cough I don’t want to alarm you, but cats and kittens are susceptible to Kennel Cough just a dog is. It is very dangerous in a kitten and can start out as runny eyes and sneezing. After reading the article, I would take Chevy to the vet.

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Nice call chyna. Something was in the back of my mind but I couldn’t remember what it was. Definately worth a trip to the vet.

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I have a vet appointment for 10:20 a.m. on Saturday.

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Yes, it is very common.

When I adopted my new kitty from the shelter last May she began sneezing the next day and it went on for a day or two until I called the shelter and they had me come in to pick up some Metacam to treat her.

The shelter should provide medication if needed within the 1st month of adopting a new pet. Mine does anyway.

I’d ask the shelter if you can pick up an antibiotic and save the trip to the vet for now.

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The shelter gives your 6 weeks of pet insurance (as a gift). I will be using that.

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Extremely common. In fact, I don’t think I’ve adopted any shelter cats (and I have had many over the years!) who didn’t have it. All recovered just fine.

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@crisw Someone needs to bump you up. I have maxed out my lurve on you.

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Yep. “Kennel cough” is very common.

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I took him to the vet early (I couldn’t wait). It is an upper respiratory infection. Fever of 103. I have to feed him trhough a syringe. Vet said that it will get worse before it gets better.

He took the thermometer up the bum like a champ. He’s such a good boy and will be babies all weekend and next week!

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Aww, poor baby! I’m glad you got him checked out, and I hope he feels better soon!

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