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Does your work focus on people of any specific age?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) February 10th, 2011

For example, I work in higher education, and I work mostly with graduate students, who are typically in their mid to late twenties. I’m in my mid fifties now, so all the students hold doors for me and things like that. Many call me Dr, although I am not a Dr. This age difference is not unusual. In fact many of the professors are in their seventies. I don’t know how much of a gulf this is in terms of working with the students.

How does age affect your work? How much of an age difference is there between you and most of the people you work with or serve? What do you like about this age difference?

For those of you with no age difference or who work with people of all different ages, how do you think age becomes an issue in your work?

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No.I victimize people of all ages,races and sexes with my artwork. ;)

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I work at a family practice doctor’s office, so we see patients of all ages. The nurses I work with are mostly my age or older. A few of the doctors are also close to my age, but most of them are also older. Age doesn’t really play a role in my work much at all other than how I approach my patients (due to their age).

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When I am working (which many of you know that I am not currently working), the majority of the people that I work with are 80+. It is one of the things that I like about my job, because I love to hear their stories. 80,90, sometimes 100 years of living makes for a lot of fascinating stories to share.

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I work mostly in family court and with the elderly, so yes.

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Most of the people I’ve worked with in film and TV are my age or younger. Actors, of course, can be any age, but most producers/writers/content creators in my experience are under 60. I did work with one in his 70s, but he carried himself and behaved like a much younger man, which I think is key. Personally, I’m gonna keep cranking out stories/scripts until I kick off.

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No, I work in an industry that serves the finances of people of all ages, from birth to death.

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What I like about my job is I get to be with every kind of individual there is and experience all the different cultures. Been around the country in lots of capacities and it has helped me become a better being (or at least I hope so). I think that is one of the good things about the military is you are exposed to the world.

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Children from tots to teenagers mostly.

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I work with college students so they are mainly 18–22 but there are older students as well.

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I work with a 8 and 9 year olds. Like, nef, I also get to hear some pretty interesting stories. :)

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I work with cancer patients and generally they tend to be elderly although I’ve seen people of all ages. I am perceived as looking quite young so some of them question my ability to take care of their important matters but they come around quite quickly after they realize what I’m capable of accomplishing.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You are incredible. It takes a special person to deal with that day after day. Bless you. I can appreciate what nurses and those that are care givers do and the work it takes. THANKS

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@Summum You know I get more support and gratitute from Flutherites than I ever do at my job. Thank you.

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I was an RN on a cancer-palliative unit and woked with all ages over 21. I found it much harder with the people under 60— seemed so unfair. The younger patients with children coming to visit broke my heart.

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No not at all , I play drums and anyone at any age can learn to play

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I also work in higher education but the people I work with vary in age from school leavers to people in retirement. I have had this conversation with a colleague and my philosophy is they are all learners and whether they be 80 or 18 they have unique perspectives to bring to our discussions. I see them all as individuals and their age is just one aspect of difference.

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I work in preschool, so yeah. 3,4, and 5 yearolds. You never know what will come out of their little mouths….I’m in my forties, so there is that age difference. Most of their parents are no older than my own children. I deal with them too. Sometimes I get surprised by what comes out of their mouths too.

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I work with adolescents11–17. The kids think I’m too old to know what their lingo and the schools sometimes mistake me for a student….and I’m 34!

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When I was 18, I remember thinking my brother at 29 was ancient. I seriously remember thinking “oh god, he is soooooooo old!”.

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I also work in higher education. I have a range of ages from school leavers to graduate entry masters students who can be any age (although most are in their twenties). I am about to turn 47, so there is quite a gap between me and most of them. I never find this a problem- in fact, I love working with them. I think it is all in your attitude. People of any age soon pick up who is interested in them and who isn’t.

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