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Have you ever had a bad expierence at a show or concert?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1960points) February 10th, 2011

A couple years ago, I was at a show watching this awesome band play. After few songs, the crowd started getting a little rowdy…well one thing led to another and I ended up getting pushed into the mosh pit. Keep in mind, I’m only 5’3 and at the time 130 pounds…Well anyway, I ended up getting punched in the gut by this huge beast of a man and it was so painful I think I saw a light for like two seconds….oh man did that tick me off…I ran after the guy and socked him a good one right in the kisser. I then ran and hid behind the crowd until I felt safe. I then start to feel this sharp burning pain on my pinky knuckle and realized that not only was it bleeding, it was broken too…which sucked…ruined the rest of the day….
Has something like this ever happen to you, or anything similar?..

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I bit a girl’s arm once because she kept shoving me. That was at a Silverchair show when I was 16 or 17.

This wasn’t a bad experience, but funny: When I was at a Social Distortion show in 2004, someone threw a beer bottle on stage. Mike Ness called the guy out, told him he was a pussy and gave the crowd permission to kick his ass. :)

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Not violence,but seeing The Rolling Stones hurt my ears.;)
They really blow

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I went to a MEGA outdoor concert waited in line for 2 days with my buddies and we all wore hard hats so we could better see each other in the crowd. And ½ way through the show my friends are all pointing at me and laughing their asses off. I had no clue what was so funny. One points at my hard hat…I took it off and there was this honking gob of chewed chocolate ploop on my hard hat someone in the upper decks adorned me with! It was gross and it was funny as hell! I left it on there the rest of the show!

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Once I was at a concert in a really small enclosed venue. I was a heavy smoker at the time, so that contributed at least in part to this. I decided to go into the moshpit and didn’t last 5 minutes because I felt like I was suffocating. I tried to get out but it was too hard as there was a 360 degree wall of people in such a small space moving back and forth and blocking my escape. Finally after the song was over I was able to get out, and watched the rest of the concert from the back of the venue where air was more abundant. That said, it was still a kick-ass concert!

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I was at a concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam… not a band I liked, but one hubby dragged me to. Tiny venue that was packed. Music sucked and there was so much second hand ‘smoke’ in the air, I just about passed out and ended up asleep in the entrance way, hunched over on a table. I just don’t bother any more with concerts, now that I have a little man at home who needs me.

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Oh I just have to dance & it turns into a bad experience. I move like a constipated camel see & while that doesn’t stop me from having fun, it does encourage unwanted attention from those close by…..some of it violent :¬(

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2nd wave ska revival (so this was the late 80s), a couple of guys I’d gone to high school with had a popular local band, they were playing at an East Side Milwaukee bar, and I went to see them. I’m in the front because I’m little. At the time, I was probably about 105 lbs. and 4’11”. Anyway, once the music ramped up, there was this dude who was every inch the two-tone ska guy with the red braces/bald head/porkpie hat/Doc Martens thing going on skanking around, and the drunker he got, the more awful he got.

If you made eye contact with him, he punched you. How do I know? I inadvertently made eye contact with him, and he punched me in the head. And it’s not like he was some little guy either, he was well over 6’. Not a nice guy at all. I had to kick his shin. I was wearing Docs, too.

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@aprilsimnel- GOOD!!! I’m glad you did!!!!!! That jerk>_<

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I have had similar experiences from both sides of the stage.

On the audience side I was at an Iggy Pop concert and the mosh pit got, shall we say, a bit more violent than expected.

As a performer I was playing a punk club in Dallas where one of the local scumbags was spoiling for a fight and started a ruckus towards the end of our set.

Both incedents sucked.

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I don’t know if it’s that bad (probably common), but stupidly enough I went to a rock concert without having anything to eat in the morning and of course I was dehydrated, everything was fine until about 9 or 10 pm when I hit a wall and virtually passed out. Bet everyone thought I was on drugs or something…

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Once, I was spin kicked in the head at a BANE show, didn’t phase me too much at the time but ended up with a huge fat lip. heh.

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Many years ago I wanted to impress a woman on our first time out together, so I bought tickets to the opera. On the night of the Big Date, we sat down in our expensive seats —five rows back, center—and I thought, If this doesn’t impress her, what could? And as we sat there looking at our programs, an usher and another couple walked up, asked to see our tickets, and then informed us our tickets were for the following night!

Slinking up the aisle as the lights went down, I was moritifed.

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I went to see Hank Williams Jr. and after the show I slipped on some liquid and slammed my foot into a wall , my foot turned out to be broken . I was in terrible pain and since there were signs up , saying their not responsible for accidents it came out of my purse.

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I threw up in the movie theater during “The Indian in the Cupboard” when I was nine!

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@sliceswiththings ohmmmyygoddd!!! The Indian in the Cupboard!!!!.
....sorry about the throw up though ><

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