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Where did the word snow originate?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) February 10th, 2011

We all know what snow is and where it comes from. But, who put
the letters together to make the word snow? Question: how the word become associated with frozen water crystals?

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She did it!
After all…there snow business like snow business….
Ok! I don’t know,John! Gosh! ;)

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There snow people like snow people! They smile fromtheproperpositioningofcooooal!

It’s a very old word. In Proto-Indo-European, it was snoigwho- and through the years, different peoples said it the way they heard it. etymology

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Ahh, that was way back when two like minded eskimo folk spotted this white stuff falling from the sky. “That’s not rain, what on earth is it?” said one to the other. To which the other mildly confused eskimo replied, “why i’ve snow idea, fellow cool dude!” Hence the origin of the word, easy really.

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