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What's the best/fastest way to get rid of dandruff?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1208points) February 10th, 2011

Every year at the end of winter, I get a pretty bad danfruff problem. My scalp gets really dry and itchy and I’m a brunette so it’s embarassing and I worry about it constantly.

So what can I buy that isn’t ridiculously expensive but will work? I’ve tried deep conditioning and it hasn’t helped. Does Head & Shoulders really work or should I get something stronger?

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I don’t personally like Head and Shoulders as a solution. I used t-gel, which also comes in store-brand at Target for much cheaper. I had really good luck with that, and I had dandruff all year round.

Also, I suggest alternating shampoos. You can use Head and Shoulders as the second shampoo, and t-gel or some such medicated dandruff shampoo as the other, and alternate every other day.

I used to have horrible dandruff problems, and now I alternate between 3 different shampoos (Dove, Garnier Fructis, and Loreal Vive Pro) and have no dandruff issues.

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Head & Shoulders has never worked for me. Selsun Blue (one of the ones with selenium sulfide as the active ingredient, not the Naturals line) works pretty well about 90% of the time and the rest I use Nizoral, which has ketoconazole as the active ingredient, which is the same stuff in Rx dandruff shampoo but more diluted.

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The thing with a product like Head and Shoulders is that applying it and rinsing it in the course of a shower doesn’t really allow for it to work its magic. You have to put it on your scalp and let it sit for a while. Longer than you’ll be in the shower.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I was told 3 minutes is enough.

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T-gel has always worked well! … also I believe Neutrogena makes a nice product also. I use to have these problems until I stopped going to bed with wet hair.. (I was much younger).

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I’m with @papayalily in that Head and Shoulders doesn’t work, not for me anyway (just a lot of marketing I think) I would suggest maybe seeing a pharmacist, they can usually help and give you something that actually works.

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Mr. Fiance uses Selsun Blue, but my dad uses Nizoral (and he has psoriasis on his scalp too) and swears by it.

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@sarahjane90 Wait what does going to bed with wet hair do?

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What exactly is t-gel? Is it a shampoo? And where can I get it? And what about Nizoral?

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A good stiff hair brush works for me.
It maybe that dandruff is beneficial in some way.
So why not just ruff it off?

(Grudgingly suppresses urge to offer decapitation as solution)

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Best way to get rid of dandruff, is to shave your head.

Barring that, I usually use T-gel or Neutrogena.

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Dandruff a problem?

Cut your head off!

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I used to use T Gel and it was the only thing that didn’t set my scalp off. I stopped using any other shampoos because that was the only one that didn’t make my head itch and scalp flaky. I even tried all those hypo allergenic ones. The ones that don’t lather because they don’t have certan chemicals in and came back to T Gel. Strangely though, my scalp cleared up. It just suddenly was fine. Not sure if it was a hormonal change or what but I can now use any shampoo.

I think stress has an effect on your scalp too. I guess the change in weather could put your skin etc. under stress. Perhaps the fungi that causes dandruff is able to thrive more in those conditions?

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@lbwhite89T/Gel is a shampoo made by Neutrogena, and Nizoral is another dandruff shampoo. You should be able to get either at any drugstore (maybe not at a grocery store or a Wal-mart, depending on their selection, but you should be able to find them at a pharmacy).

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I get bad (and sometimes painful) eczema, and I find tar-based shampoos (like Polytar) work best. Unfortunately they’re also extremely expensive.

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You can get Target brand “T-Gel”... same stuff.

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First, wash your hair, slowly.
Next, wash your hair again, using a very small amount of the soap or shampoo you used the first time. If this makes a large amount of suds, you have been using too much shampoo or soap. If not, the dandruff is a skin problem. See a dermatologist.
If all else fails, shave your head. Yes, even if you are a girl. You probably have a cute head- why not show it off? If you don’t like the look you can wear a hat or a wig.

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@koanhead If you have eczema or psoriasis, shaving your head may make it easier to medicate, but you’ll also be left with a scaly, cracked, and peeling scalp on permanent display, which is considerably harder to hide than dandruff.

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I’m going to pretend as if all of the suggestions to shave my head are just jokes. I’d rather have dandruff than shave my head.

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Make sure it is dandruff. There are other skin conditions that actually require treatment for them to go away and yes, they can be triggered by seasonal changes.

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@cak It was diagnosed as dandruff by my dermatologist. I used to use rx dandruff shampoo, which worked but made my hair flat and greasy-looking.

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@lbwhite89 Then try using the Rx shampoo, then a regular shampoo, then conditioning.

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Do what @papayalily said or slightly water down the RX shampoo. Not the entire bottle, just a small amount. Sometimes they are too heavy for everyone.

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You could also use the RX shampoo once or twice a week, and use Selsun or something less strong on other days.

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