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Do you believe in getting up close & personal with nature?

Asked by ucme (46455points) February 10th, 2011

Sounds like a line from that Cher song :¬) Yeah, sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist. Hopefully it’ll stay as it is, although I agree it is a little misleading. Anyway, just wanted your thoughts, opinions, views, good, bad or indifferent on this particular story. Personally speaking, I think it’s an awesome sight, if not a little disturbing. Thanks in advance.

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Reminds me of this (read the whole thing).

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Yes I do and need to do it more often

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I think it looks like a pretty neat deal. I got to actually swim with the Dolphins at Anthony’s Key in Honduras and touch them and frolic with them. Not so sure I would want to be on the other side of the glass in that Polar Bear tank though!

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While nobody could ever accuse me of being a tree hugger, I do have a membership to our local privately owned arboretum, and frequent that one as well as many other arboretums and nature preserves in the area. Not sure there isn’t a trail around here I haven’t walked on for hundreds of miles.

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I’d die in an inner city environment, I need lots of space and quiet to thrive, that’s why I live on 5 acres in the woods. ;-)

I love the peace, the connection to the cosmic, the wildlife, no crime, no locked doors, no fear, other than the coyotes eating my cats. lol

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I would love to have that experience, or a chance to swim with dolphins. The beach I used to frequent near San Luis Obispo, CA often had sea lions that would swim up to us when we were in the water. They are the funniest creatures.

We get up close and personal to many animals at the ranch my husband works at, including these guys. My daughter has learned a lot from visiting the ranch.

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My wife and I frequently camp where wildlife is frequently nearby. We’ve had bears pass close by us and we observe good sense and avoid surprising or harassing them. Being out in contact with nature is a source of joy and usually comfort.

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@thorninmud so funny!

I am all for it as long as I am giving back to nature in the experience rather than trying to change and conform nature to fit human needs…..

I get very restless if I don’t get my allotment of outdoor time. I would love to live outdoors “unplugged”....but then I would miss Fluther :D

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Absolutely. The beautiful, the meh, the nasty—it literally is all good. That’s my “church”, for lack of a better term.

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As long as the animals aren’t distressed, I have no problem with it. Personally I wouldn’t cage dive with a shark or croc, but if they want to, fine.

I like living in proximity to nature. We have a bush reserve at the back of our house- it is so close, we can touch a tree from our back verandah. It means that the native animals visit us too- we have wallabies, echidnas, scrub turkeys, and the odd large snake. Except for the snakes, all good!! That is our encounter with nature.

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@Harold—you have wild wallabies? ah ghod, I want to move in! I’d even deal with the odd snake…

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@peridot – Indeed we do. They eat our garden, but it’s worth it to have them.

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