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What is your favorite scent/perfume?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) February 10th, 2011

It can be a designer fragrance, or one from an etsy shop, or an aroma you have been drawn to throughout your life. What smell by-passes your brain and goes straight for the ecstasy button?

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Barley and Hops.

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@Blondesjon I knew that would be your scent.

I wear Pleasures.

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New car smell!

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Orange blossom has to be my favorite natural scent.

My current favorite perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

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Mine would be Chanel # 5 , my mother used to buy this for me for christmas .

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@Symbeline You bet.
I also welcome the smell of bacon in the morning.

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Whatever my girlfriend is wearing.

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An infant’s head.

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I love jasmine and honeysuckle.
The perfume I have now is Beyond Paradise

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Cinnebar was always my favorite…now I like to blend Sandalwood and Honeysuckle and Almond oil.

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Ever since I was a kid I liked the scent of cotton candy. Basically my grown up scent is Versace Woman, yum. :)

Wait! Are we talking about any smell, or smells that turn us on? If it’s any, I like vanilla, strawberry, fruity scents. If it’s what turns us on, it’d be any type of good cologne.

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White Diamonds is my perfume. There are so many scents I love, the smell of Mexico at the Mazatlan airport, almond anything, stores like Bath and Beyond, oldtime smoky bars and clean men who have done physical labour all day, mmm!

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I forgot to answer…my favorites right now are Absynthe, and also Rouge by Christian LaCroix; Elixir Des Merveilles by Hermes; and Organza Indecence by Givenchy…but I am getting into Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as of late!

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My favourite scent? Well, I’m not with him anymore. I kept a T-shirt of his until his scent faded from it, though.

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I used to have a girlfriend a long time ago that wore a perfume called Ysatis and it was a fragrance I immediately liked then and still think it is great to this day.

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As perfumes go, I like sweet-spicy, and florals on occasion.

There’s an aromatherapy candle with sandalwood and vanilla done up just right that goes straight to my lizard brain. Speaking of which, I know a guy who always smells like leather and it drives me quietly insane. :D

Other scents: just after it rains, good food, the personal musk of certain individuals, new books, fresh bedsheets, that moment just as the sun is coming up, nicely-scented body wash….......

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The natural smell of the human male. Don’t shower too often, gentlemen, you don’t want to wash that smell away!

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Poontang! A delightfully aromatic little number by V.A.Gina, an Italian brand I believe ;¬}

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“Will return to Paris tomorrow evening. Don’t wash.” Note from Napoleon Bonaparte to his wife Josephine

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Roberto Cavalli

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My girlfriend had a perfume named “Kiss me”. Made me go craaaaazy.

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My favourite perfume scent is Lolita lempicka mmmm….

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