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If a construction company completely messed up every job in my home they have done, what can I legally do?

Asked by marialisa (464points) February 10th, 2011

I have had a nightmare remodel done and have had almost everything redone. Including defective carpet. I hired a construction company (referred to me by my insurance).
The last 2 jobs that need to get redone are a paint job and a bathroom flooring job. I do not want them to come and redo these 2 jobs. I asked for a credit instead.
Of course they proposed way less than what they charged. For example, they offered me about half $$$ credit on the paint job.
This has been going on for 15 months. The paint job was taped poorly, paint wasnt covered properly. Their are spots that werent even covered. It basically looks like teen-agers did it AND they used flat paint that I cant even wipe clean.
The linoleum wasnt properly laid and itwasnt rolled. There are bumps everywhere and a cut 6 inches long. I found out that when they installed it, the normal person who usually did this was on vacation. Amatuers laid floor.
What can and would you do to resolve this credit
which should be a total refund?

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Take them to small claims court and hopefully you did not sign a release form that you were satisfied with they’re work .

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I think I did. I didnt notice the speckles of paint from original color coming through. I also had no idea that the flat paint would be so awful to wash clean and so cheap.
I have a 5 year warranty on their work from an homeowners insurance program.

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@marialisa , Then I would contact your homeowners insurance and make sure to take picture and have dates and if they don’t help then stick with going to court anyway.

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call that loud new yorker guy on the discovery channel. He’ll yell and fuss and help you remodel.

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I agree with @Pattijo on this one. They have an interest in this as well.

Start everything politely, but keep a couple of things in mind:

(1) it’s always possible that the insurance company and these construction people have some sort of mutually beneficial relationship – this could mean that the insurance company might try to shrug off the claim because of shady dealings or you could get a tremendously good reaction from the construction people if they are threatened with the possibility of losing the insurance company as a professional recommendation.

(2) Look over the insurance policy to see what they will cover and why (e.g., what kind of work). You may have to prove something that amounts to a decrease in the home’s value if it’s merely due to shoddy work that needs to be re-done, rather than defective work that creates a hazard.

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Call another paint contractor and another floor installation company. Tell them that you had problems with another company and ask if they would come out and give a free estimate. Ask them their opinion on the quality of the work. Send their written estimate, minus the quality assessment, to the people that did the crappy work the first time and ask them to reimburse you the cost. Black out the new companies name when you forward the estimate.
If the construction company refuses, send the estimates to the warranty folks.
Flat paint is the norm on walls but if the old color is bleeding through, it might be a lower grade paint. The cheap stuff has fewer “solids”, doesn’t hide as well and doesn’t wipe clean easily or well. If you’re lucky just one more coat of high grade flat paint, color matched, will cover/hide the old bleed through.

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