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Should I get a MacBook or MacBook Pro? What is a good design program for Mac?

Asked by interpol (17points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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well, the choices you need to consider, pro has a stand alone graphics card, it’s a bit more sturdy, features the new touch interfaces, and has a larger sreen.
on the other hand, the regular MB is a pretty powerfull machine, with the 2nd model aleady having 2gb of internal memory, and they’re a little more afordable

what kind of design do you want to do? 3d modeling? page layouts? photoshop stuff?

(these questions are great to brush up on my sale skills, thanks)

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i do not know much about macbook pro.
but i have a macbook.
and i like it pretty well.
some programs are not as good on mac as they are on pcs though
and vice versa.
macbook laptops are very fragile.
and break pretty easily so you have to be really careful with them.

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well, i’ve seen some of them come in the shop (i also do repairs) and they can stand regular work, they’re just not very good at absorbing water, or deflecting a shoe, but other than that, sturdy stuff.
ofcourse, when you’re making the choice between 2 macs you already know the benefits of a mac so i wont go into detail about that,

i realy wonder what program isnt as good on a mac as it is on a pc, maybe a virus code?

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after dealing with a MacBook before purchasing my mbp, i noticed things I liked about both. The small size about the MacBook was nice to carry around and the price was reasonable for an all around general purpose machine. But I am glad I went with the pro. Graphics are improved and the size isn’t that much larger. Either way, you’ll be happy whichever route you go.

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I think you should wait, as many sites have pointed out that a new update on the macbook and macbook pro series is on the way.

For print design I recomend Adobe Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3.
For webdesign nothing beats the Fireworks+Flash+Dreamweaver combination.

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only question is…when will it occur…but i agree, if you need one NOW, then get it NOw, if you could wait for some time, and you think it’s worth it, then wait

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I own a MacBook 2.2 ghz, 1 gb ram, 120 gb hd. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash and Dreamweaver. I also use iWork 08 rather than Office 2004 because it runs painfully slow! Not sure about office 08 though? Anyway, I love my macBook to bits! I can’t find any faults at all so far (had it for 6 months now). The amount of extra cash you have to splash out on a pro isn’t really worth it if all your gonna do is web and print based design. The little MB I use is more than capable of print and web design. Even more so when I get round to sticking 4gb ram in it! do it for £56 inc vat!

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I have one of each. If you are going to be using design apps such as Adobe’s Creative Suite 3, or Audio/Video programs, I would highly recommend the Macbook Pro. Other than that, the regular Macbook is powerful enough for most users.

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