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I think I have a spider or bug of some sort in my ear... HELP ME!

Asked by laura420 (45points) February 11th, 2011

I have been hearing a faint sound IN my left ear similar to the sound of rice crispies in a bowl of milk… Tried flushing it with peroxide, is anything else safe to put in my ear? I was told possibly olive oil but that sounds like it would be hard to remove so I won’t try it until I hear from a doctor that I should… I am terrified of spiders but at this point I just want to sleep in silence, Sorry I am a bit distracted at the moment, I have had Snap, Crackle, and Pop in my ear canal for going on a week or so now… GOING CRAZY, (Anyone willing to punch a girl in the ear?) I’m getting desperate, next step = Emergency Room or Ear/Nose/Throat Specialist
= /
(p.s. I am not crazy and I have no history of hearing noises… Just thought I would put that out there, just “for the record.”)

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Does it hurt? A lot of times bee’s can get in your ears.

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I gave it a lot of thought and decided that due to the fact that it has been over a week and I am highly allergic to bees and ants, it can’t be either of the two or I would have been to the ER immediately… :(

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I had a moth in my ear. It was a horrifying feeling. I went to the ER and the doctor put some stuff in my ear to kill the insect, and then flushed it out using water.

I suggest going to the ER ASAP.

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Olive oil is perfectly safe and will drain out on its own, but I would be at a walk-in clinic yesterday.

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Surely you would “feel” something besides hear it. Bottom line, someone has to look into your ear!

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A bit late coming to this question… but has it been sorted?

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