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What remedies work for an allergy to pool chlorine?

Asked by Cason (5points) May 3rd, 2007
I swim a lot for triathlon training, and I get horrible sinus clogging for days after being in the pool. Nasal sprays work for a while, but wear off quickly. Nose plugs don't seem to work for me, either. Help! I'd love a naturopathic remedy, if there's one out there.
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This isn't a remedy, but you could try to switch to a pool that uses ozone instead of chlorine. Ozone is becoming more popular these days (as it is much less chemically). Also, if you've just been having trouble with one pool, you might try another, because it might be that your pool has an above average amount of chlorine.
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Also, watch out-- most pools have switched to Bromine (which I'm allergic to), so you might want to check which your pool uses.

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