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Whats the craziest or meanest prank you have witnessed or dealt out.

Asked by buster (10239points) April 14th, 2008

When i was in high school i was at this party house and these annoying girls that were about sixteen were dosed on acid. I heard them say something about there curfew being midnight. Around ten or eleven everyones frying and i set the clocks back six hours. Noone realized until the sun came up that it wasnt midnight but 6 am.

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It’s not mean, but it is the best prank that i’ve ever played:

I was the sole creator of the senior prank for my highschool. My boyfriend and I spent all night doing it. We made a regulation size handicap sign stencil, got the perfect shade of blue in that construction workers marking chalk and used that with some spray glue. We made every single parking spot in the entire school parking lot a handicap spot.

The best parts were the people who believed it. >.> It looked just like paint until you got close enough (standing on top of it) to see that it was chalk.

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Dead snake in my bosses desk.

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at camp during a conoe, we tricked these girls into thinking that they rolled over on animal shit while sleeping. there were no mirrors on the trip, and eventually the 2 girls jumped into the middle of the river while conoeing.

@delirium: how can you be the sole creator of the prank if your boyfriend helped you?

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It was my idea entirely. I created it, and he helped me to implement it.

No other seniors got up the balls to do anything because the school had installed cameras. We dressed up as bunnies to do it…. and outed ourselves at the senior breakfast because it was a prank that didn’t hurt anyone and a few teachers had already figured out who would think up something like that.

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1) I’m from CA and a couple months before our class was about to graduate a couple of my close friends and I planted golden poppies (state flower) on the soccer field that read our graduating year (“2006”). I doubt it’s still there.
2) When I was in junior high I had a class in the office TAing and for April Fool’s Day I told my class that I had just finished TAing in the office and overheard the principal talking with some teachers about how Spring Break was going to be canceled that year because we had to have a certain number of school days/yr and we weren’t going to reach the minimum. They all believed me until I gave in and told the truth.

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Years ago, I had a roommate that always left his dirty underwear and socks in our living room! So, my other roommate and I got tired of it! Roommate #1 left his “Dirties” out one too many times. Roommate #2 and I cut “Hearts in the asses of his undies, and cut the toes out of his socks. It took him months to realize it, because he never done laundry! Also, once he found a “Big Black” fake male part in a dumpster, and then he washed it in the restaurant’s dishwasher, that he worked at! Later, I put it in his pillow-case, and he slept on “it” for three nights before he realized it!

There is a lot more, A LOT WORSE, but I don’t want to get The Mod!

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When I was in highschool I bought one of these. Every time a video came on in class it was up with the volume, rewind, freeze frame, or off with the video. The teacher couldn’t figure out what was going on. For the most part, no one knew these watches existed. She would replace the ‘defected’ Monitor or VCR and the same would follow. I wonder if she ever caught on.

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when i was in middle school this kid in my class had one of them watches. i was funny he turned of channel 1 every morning.

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No way, this is the first I’ve heard of someone else. Did the teacher ever catch on?

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she just thought the tv was possessed.

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fucking awesome

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