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Just for fun...Can you guys photoshop a picture of my dog?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) April 14th, 2008

Just for fun…Can you guys photoshop a picture of my dog?

Do whatever you want.

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oh what a little sweetheart!!!!! Can’t do it from my phone

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it is cute, isn’t it?

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I’d do something incredible for you if I weren’t too lazy to crop all of that fluff.

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If you’re really nice to him, iceblu might do it!

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Is your dog a soft coated wheaton?

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Here =]

Please don’t mind some of the images, i got lazy, and didnt trim them, eh

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what, no blue feet?? ha ha!!

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lol, nah blu kirby! =D

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You know that made you famous here, right?

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Yeahh you know it! =D Its kinda odd tho, but Hey, its cool =]

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I knew iceblu would come thru!

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