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How to make a practice personal budget on the internet?

Asked by talljasperman (21829points) February 11th, 2011

I would like to have a personal budget calculator that Is vary specific and is free…like a food budget that is made with a 30 day meal plan and the costs of each meal.

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If you want something fairly comprehensive, I would go with mint – it seems fun. ;-)

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I’m going to second

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@iamthemob is right, it IS fun and it’s free

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I don’t like Mints terms of use… and I’m from Canada… I don’t have credit cards… I’m just looking for some place to make a practice food budget… like milk $20/month, eggs $10 a month, bread, ect… I found Suze Ormans budget calculator I just want one with the food budget broken down further like per day(or per meal) budgets

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OH OH OH!!!!! I knew all those web apps I collected would come in handy for something.

I recommend Thrive

Its free and it seems to do just what you want :)

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I use search engine to benefit my favorite charity and search for answers.

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