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Was there a release of a game called 'Flute Hero' or is this article a joke?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) February 11th, 2011

I was talking to Blueroses about Guitar Hero and Rock Band and I mentioned my brilliant idea of a Jethro Tull edition. Someone needs to figure out the controller and get on that.

She sent me the link to this article and it’s jokingly written, but I can’t tell whether this game really exists or not. She and I have been Googling away and still no idea.

Any of you jellies know?

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It might be a big hint that the website is UNcyclopedia. Sounds like a joke.

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Well, I noticed that, but I’m not familiar with that site at all.. so I didn’t know whether it was spoof-y or whether it was just not stuffy, like Wikipedia (where they’re going more for encyclopedia-feel).

Blueroses sent me this video of a girl using the vocal mode/mic in Rock Band to play the flute, which I think is awesome and I’m totally going to try it with my flute.

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It’s fake. Uncyclopedia is all satire.

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I just asked my husband and he laughed.

No Fluter Hero.

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Well, I still want a Jethro Tull edition. I mean, if Aerosmith, Metallica, and Green Day can have their own, surely a rock god like JT should have one, too, no? :P

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Well unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your standpoint), Activision announced that no new Guitar Hero games will be made.

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Whaaaaaat? That’s crazy!

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