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What do you think of the iPhone wannabes?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 14th, 2008
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I don’t know if I would really call them “wannabes.” I will trade my Iphone across the board any day of the week for the new Sony when it hits the streets this summer. I thought the Iphone was all that and the salesman that I had in the AT&T store made me believe that it was in fact “all that.” However the Iphone lacks in so many areas that I wish I had my old Helio Ocean back. No video, No flash, no available downloads, no 3G network, no expandable memory, no file transfers from laptop to phone unless it is a contacts format, can’t be used as a “wireless” hook-up for my laptop. Sure the internet and spell check are nice and the music and podcasts are cool but really….Lacking in things that I can get for free just for signing up with AT&T (free phones).

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@judochop, very good answer grasshopper. Who trained you?

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Poor. Why can’t people come up with their own designs and ideas? It just seems as though other phone companies are trying to catch up with Apple, but it’s never gonna happen because they are imitating technology that has already been done, where as Apple are coming up with the new ideas all the time. So no matter how much they copy, they will always be one step behind. They are like the kids at school that always copy but never learn anything. Morons.

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ha! Those yahoos will never defeat apple!

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dont hate us cuz you can’t be us!!!

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they are just jelous…..

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I think they are lame. Why do they have to actually look like the iPhone, for one?
I wish the iPhone had a flash, yes but it does so many things that other phones currently can’t do and most likely more than the ‘wannabes’ will be able to do.

What about all the great web apps?
Or one feature that I love that an iPod classic doesn’t even do [or my MacBook, as far as I know] is allow me to look at a given podcast’s track list by simply touching the ‘album cover’ of the given podcast I am listening to. For me this is huge, as there is often songs I’m not familiar with and can find information about. I guess, however, it all depends on what one finds useful.

I have no need to download on my phone.
The internet speed is fine for me.
As far as memory goes, how many gigs of music will the other others hold [without having to pay for expensive upgrades]?
I also don’t really make videos with my phone, so I won’t need that.

Lastly, not one of them is nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the iPhone.

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