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Why are ads blurred in US TV shows?

Asked by Jbor (649points) February 11th, 2011

First of all I’m european, and I don’t recall seeing the same here.

Whenever I watch US TV shows, however, they often blur out t-shirts, banners on buildings etc., which is frankly very annoying.

One example could be Myth Busters relabelling cola to Myth Cola. One could envision that they did that out of fear of law suits, but other times it’s just an ad placed on clothing or a wall.

Why is that? Was the company in question perhaps asked to pay and refused?

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They don’t want to advertise other things.

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Are you talking about reality-based or news programming?

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I’ve noticed this too (in documentaries), and it is annoying. It certainly seems to be only US shows that do it.

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Certain companies pay big bucks to have their product placed/endorsed on shows. They expect any other advertising for a similar product from their competition eliminated.

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I’ve always enjoyed how the Macbooks that the guys on Myhthbusters use have the little Apple logo blurred out. Basically it’s because the company didn’t pay to have their image used, but the show wants to use the product anyway.

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So it’s bascially a question of not being willing to pay for what accounts to accidental ad placement. Seriously, get a grip. But of course it’s a trade off between maximizing profits and annoying viewers. The problem is, from my perspective at least, that the ‘annoying viewers’ part seems to be getting more and more prevalent. History tells us that we’re about to see more of it locally as well.

Thanks for the answers everyone!

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It is either about money or permission.

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