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Do you need an Electricans License to do this kind of wiring and electrical work?

Asked by radcliff (253points) February 12th, 2011

Audio, home theaters, networks, telephones, security, landscape and event lighting? The state would be Minnesota.

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I would be surprised if you did….all but the event lighting is low voltage and as long as you are not running ridiculous lengths of extension cords for the event, I think you are good to go. If you are making permanent tap-in connections to power supplies you are venturing into the electrician realm. Call your town building dept. they will tell you.

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All of the situations you have described are indirectly connected with electricity. In this case, I would say no. If, you had direct connection to electricity, like junction boxes, wiring changout of your house or electrical wiring for a patio, then yes.

My city has a new law that went into effect 1–1-11. A permit must be obtained and a certified electricean hired, for any electrical work performed within and outside of a living residence.

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@radcliff, my SO does low-voltage electrical work and in order to be a journeyman you definitely need a license here in WA. I do know, however, that there are also “installers” that work for his company that are allowed to do certain tasks and do not have licenses. They are definitely limited in what they are allowed to do though.

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The guys who do it for AT&T are not licensed electricians. The guys who do networking for schools are not licensed.

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It might also depend on who your doing it for. In most states you don’t need it if it is on your own property.

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