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Is there anything that salt doesn't make taste better?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) February 12th, 2011

It is the perfect addition to ANY food. Fries, soup, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, coffee, pop corn, and this list is literally limitless. It is a shame that some companies, for whatever reason, are putting less salt on their shelved products causing you to have to add your own aftermarket to bring it back to where it’s supposed to be. It’s so good I carry a shaker with me wherever I go just in case. I’ll even take a “straight shot” when in the mood. I would challange anyone to come up with a food item that doesn’t get flavorly enhanced but a shake of salt.

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I have heard of people putting salt on cantaloupe, which I just think is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

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@ica That is DELICIOUS!! It may be stupid, I don’t know, but it sure is tasty. Apples as well. YUMSTER!

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I doubt there is any food that no one likes with salt. Just like everything else, people’s tastes vary. I don’t like salt on fruit, pancakes, french toast, salad, fresh vegetables, pizza, yogurt, ice cream, bread, and a whole host of other things. However, none of the things I listed are likely to meet your challenge, because I’m sure there are people that like them with salt.

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@bobbinhood Isn’t salt an ingriedent in bread? Some breads, anyway. I love salt on my salad! I’ll put salt on tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and the like seperately, so as a collective it is a taste paradise!

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I know a guy with a pretty serious salt addiction, he’ll put in on EVERYTHING, but you bring a salt shaker with you? :D You know that’s actually probably a good idea, I went out for lunch today and had chicken skewers (they ran out of the duck dish damnit) which was really in need of salt…and only had sugar cubes on the table. What. The.

Aside from sweets and desserts I can’t really think of anything that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of salt. I’ll get back to you if I do.

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@12Oaks Yes, salt is an ingredient in bread (and ice cream, yogurt, and pizza). However, just because something has a slight amount of salt in it does not mean that it’s flavor is improved by adding a shake of salt, which is what you asked.

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I’m with you. I am a total salt fanatic. I’m sure my blood pressure hates me, but I could salt damn near everything. I also love salt on my veggies, and I always salt my salad.

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@bobbinhood Fair enough. I was more curious about the ingriedents of the item, not trying to challange a “see, if you like bread then you love salt so I MUST be right and YOU wrong” kind of a thing.

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Water. I hate gargling with salt water when I have a soar throat. It’s disgusting.

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Meh, it’s okay. Salt is certainly necessary on some things up to a point, but I usually find that most processed foods are way too salty. At home I rarely use the salt shaker. Now, cayenne pepper = win.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I have an addiction to cracked pepper, it goes on a big proportion of my food. My sister is addicted to tabasco and hot chili, which is a problem when you have 4 chili plants…I guess we all have our little out of control craving.

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Less salt in shelf-food appears to be a selling gimmick by the manufacturers. Hitting on the idea of less salt is heathier for us. In reality, they probably are correct. My wife stopped using salt in her cooking years ago. Am I heathier for it? My doctor believes so, with my good blood pressure readings.

Remember anchovies on pizza? That is what started us on the use of less salt. I can still taste that salty little fish, on my pizza, 20 years ago. Yuk!

Anchovies on a pizza ruins the taste of the pizza. maybe, this is a good example.

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You have a salt addiction, especially if you eat it by itself. What doesn’t salt go well with? Your blood pressure.

Perhaps if you backed off on the salt, you would get to taste different foods instead of just tasting salt.

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Woah, woah hang on @marinelife, you know I offset my salt with equal amounts of sugar. So it’s totally fine…

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anything sweet.

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My dad was very fit. He had a job that required him to be strong, and he was.
He also ate a lot of salt.
Heart attack at 42.

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@filmfann I’m 42 right now. Will be sure to let you know if the heart attack happens. If.

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Eurgh, I don’t add salt to anything. Ever. Blech. I even use unsalted butter and buy unsalted crackers and pretzels. When other people cook, I tolerate whatever salt they use, but I never add more.

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Following my Dad’s heart attack, I changed the way I ate. My younger brother continued to use salt, and he smoked.
My brother had his heart attack at 51. I soon hit 55, and haven’t had to deal with that yet.

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75% of the salt in our diets comes from processed foods (canned, frozen). I rarely eat processed foods so therefore I do not feel guilty for a shake of the salt shaker on my lunch or dinner.

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More salt.

it makes it too salty

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I also eat mostly scratch and whole foods so I feel okay about adding salt. Of course salt goes on a salad! Does somebody somewhere say no?

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I too love salt, I am 66 and apparently in good health and no bp problems. I do exercise a fair bit and live in the tropics so sweat profusely.

I am in the group though who doesn’t like it on sweet things, but most everything else, yep! I use very little processed foods except chicken stock and I use the salt reduced version of that.

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I don’t like salt.

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@YARNLADY especially doesn’t like salty language.

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Tastes are conditioned like anything else. If you eat a lot of salty food, you’ll prefer things to taste like it. Stop eating salty food, and, it won’t taste good to you anymore.

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@Time2 – I have tried that with ice cream and it didn’t work with that, I really don’t think it will work with salt either!

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I tried it once because I’ve seen a million old timers shake some in their drafts at the bar. It tastes like shit and ruins a perfectly good beer. This is an unforgivable sin in my book.

Fuck you beer salters.

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Huh, I’d forgotten beer-salters. How do you suppose that started?

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@fave Some like salt, some like beer, some like both. One day, someone said “Hey, why not?” and salted their beer. Like anything else, some liked and some didn’t. I don’t drink beer, but if I did their is a grand likelihood that salt would be an added ingredient to my mug.

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Just saw this in the paper this morning.

I really should try to cut back my usage.

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@rooeytoo 3.8 grams? I really have no idea how much that is. Oh, and what is a tucker? I voted “Yes,” for I assumed it would make that taste better as it pretty much does for anything. I like the chick who uses a spoon to add salt to her fries. I carry a shaker to avoid having to do that, but clever as it is anyway.

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@12Oaks . . . I was actually informed by a couple of elderly women, sipping their salted drafts, that the salt kills the carbonation in the beer and thereby considerably lessens the need for a lady to belch.

i’ve also seen many an old timer drink draft beer and tomato juice mixed 50–50 . . . jesus wept

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@Blondesjon We have beer and clamato juice drinkers as well!

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@12Oaks – tucker is food. And if you look on the label of just about anything 3.8 must not be much cuz everything has more than that in it!

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Certain beers served with a salted rim and some hot sauce are DELICIOUS!

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Liver and onions.

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Whipped cream?

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@SamIAm I’m with you on this one! And my apologies to @Blondesjon , but I do love some 50/50 beer and V8 Juice. Especially with celery salt, hot sauce and a salted rim. It’s a bloody mary without the vodka! Excuse me for my plebian tastes. But the bottom line is, if something tastes good, drink/eat it!

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Salt in the beer stops it from foaming up. It also kills everything else about it.

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