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Oh dear, How do I break my NEW Iphone, 7.6.1?

Asked by judochop (16099points) April 14th, 2008

Oh no! Not another Iphone quesiton!!! I can’t seem to find out how to break the new version of the Iphone. I am unpleased with my Iphone thus far but I like the idea of jailbreaking it.

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last I new the recent update was 1.1.4. Is there a new update and what does it do? Btw jailbreaking slowed my phone down alot. That’s just my experience with it. I’d just wait til June if I were u for the real deal. And save your money up some to buy stuff.

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What do you mean by 7.6.1?

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I think he means iTunes…? But yeah, jailbreaking my iPhone slowed it down a lot too. If you want to though, you can with Ziphone. That’s how I jailbroke mine.

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Thank you and yes I meant Itunes. I had to download the new version of Itunes before I could turn my phone on with AT&T. So I guess I don’t really know what version of the Iphone I have aside from it only being about a month old.

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