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Will you be my online valentine?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) February 12th, 2011

I hope the moderators will let this through.
Just wanted to have some fun and ask a whole range of people if they want to be my online valentine on fluther.
come one, come all to the online valentine ball.

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Sure! But what does this involve/require/entail exactly??

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IDK…like Sam says….will I lose all of my self respect????

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I will, if you promise to respect me in the morning.

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I have a slight problem, in that Augustlan believes I have a ‘girl crush’ on her. I’m not denying it, but I might have to ask permission to be unfaithful…

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Yes, I will!

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Will you still respect me in the morning? Do you like to cuddle after?

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I don’t think so.

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I’ll be your Valentine, queenie, and I’ll come to the ball, but you have to save the last dance for me!!

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Awww, OK. mwah!

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WOW, never had a velentine before . . and first time i ask i get 10 offers, the future looks bright lol.
hmmm, will you call me unfaithful if i be all of your valentine? or should i choose . . . hmmm…

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ok, so i was thinking just a “nice get to know you via fluther, be friends” conversation. nothing serious lol.
and NOT like internet dating…. i’m still torn between whether i should just be all of yours valentine or choose someone . . . will any of you fight over me or something?
and no, you won’t be unfaithful or lose your self respect. . . not in the slightest. although i wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve got a partner who has a habit of sneaking and taking a peek to see what you’re doing, and then assuming things . . . LOL.

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Yippee!! Yes indeedy, I will be a valentine toooooo! Auggie’s in, fun is to be had yes?
I could make cake…

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@Dutchess_III oooooh, yes, I make wunnerful chocolate cakes… My own versions, loaded with great percentages of cocoa and often the loveliness of various fruits too. I’m drooling just thinking of my own bake-fest – but no eggs in the house! Husband has gone out huntin’ and gatherin’ so I can bake again! Valentine cake for all, pop over later eh?

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mmmm,... I’m a chocaholic. yum yum YUM!

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Many, many chocolate cakes have been made since Valentine’s! Also completely gorgeous coconut confection, from a traditional indian recipe. Oh yum…

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